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Here's the lastest injury report, including a surprise injury, and what's happening in the freshmen starting quarterback derby...

Head Coach Bob Toledo said Monday he expected safety Jibril Raymo to play Saturday. But Raymo still didn't practice Wednesday and it's looking unlikely he will.

Manuel White continues to be hobbled by his sore hamstring. One source thought he'd be able to return by the Arizona game next Saturday, but another thought he could still be out for that game.

There was a bit of a surprise injury reported Wednesday. Wide receiver Ryan Smith, who has just five catches this season, didn't practice Wednesday. he's uffering from lingering problems with the same ankle injury he had last season. Smith had off-season surgery, but he never fully recovered and is still experiencing pain. The injury was always a bit of a strange one and hard to diagnose properly by doctors, and it's planned that he'll see a specialist. It's undetermined whether he'd be able to play against Washington, and his availability for the remainder of the season is in question.

Cory Paus appeared at practice Wednesday, a week after surgery to his ankle. The prognosis is conservatively 8 weeks of recovery, which could theoretically have Paus returning in time for a bowl game.

In the starting quarterback sweepstakes for the Washington game, Toledo still has not indicated that either true freshman, Matt Moore or Drew Olson, will start Saturday at Husky Stadium. In practice, Olson continues to look rusty and hindered by his shoulder injury, not throwing the ball as crisply or strongly as he did before the injury.

Toledo said he intends for both Moore and Olson to play. He'll make a decision and inform the quarterbacks who will start at the team meeting on Friday night.

Good news about the practice field: Spaulding Field is going to be re-sodded today with the intent that it will be ready for the Bruins to practice on it Monday. The turf on Spaulding has been unusually torn up this season, due to other teams, like the men's soccer team, having to use it while the intramural field is not in use. A couple of players have suffered injuries due to the field's poor conditions. The team have a light, no-pads practice today, and will only use a portion of the field while the re-sodding begins today.

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