300: Version 1.0

Here's the 1.0 version of the Top 300 national football prospects for the class of 2009. With recruiting starting earlier every year, it's not only possible to see who the best players are, but also to see where they are going. Who heads the list? Who is off to a fast start? Find out more, inside.


Scout 300

The Scout 300 is the list of players that will be ranked four and five stars when it is finalized. For the first release, only half of the star rankings have been allocated, and to this point, only players on the Scout 300 have been ranked.

What does this mean?

We will eventually end up with our standardized star ratings of:

Top 50 players regardless of position = 5-Stars
51-300 = 4-Stars

Currently on the list, half of the star ratings have been implemented, so what you see is this:

Top 25 = 5-Stars
26-150 = 4-Stars
151-300 = 3 Stars

Heading into the Spring Evaluation period, it's understandable that these rankings will change considerably over the course of the next 11 months to signing day. Scout will continue to update rankings through the spring, summer, and fall as we countdown to another signing day.

The Scout 300 is a good first look at who is doing well so far, but there's a lot of race left in this marathon, so stay tuned.

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