2009 Prospect Kevin Cummings

The 6-2, 175-pound junior receiver prospect from Encino (Calif.) Crespi, has two teammates on their way to UCLA, one of them his cousin. Cummings talked about his Bruin ties, other schools of interest and more about his recruitment...

Encino (Calif.) Crespi receiver Kevin Cummings (6-2, 175) had an up close and personal look at recruiting last year, watching his cousin, four-star safety E.J. Woods, go through the process.

Now Cummings, one of the top returners for Crespi, is in line for his own recruitment.

"I've been hearing from Stanford and Oregon State, I'm really interested in Ohio State, UCLA, mostly anywhere in the Pac-10," said Cummings.

Having seen Woods go through the process, and the often gut-wrenching decisions Woods had to make throughout his own recruitment, gave Cummings an idea of how to deal with it when his time came up.

"I know it got a little crazy with E.J., but I see how I can handle it now and it helped prepare me for the whole process," said Cummings.

With Woods signing with UCLA, Cummings said that naturally he's interested. Woods and fellow Crespi Celt Kevin Prince both inked with the Bruins.

"I got to go to some games and I'm possibly going to camp there again, so that's a school I'm interested in," said Cummings. "I haven't gotten to know any of the new coaches too much yet, but I'll have a chance to see them at the spring game."

Cummings is waiting for his first offer, but a mapped-out spring, in which he'll attend several camps and combines, will allow him a chance to possibly earn some.

"I'm going to the Air 7 FBU camp this weekend, and then next weekend to the New Level/Scout Pass Camp in Vegas, and then to a couple of the colleges," said Cummings. "I'll probably go to Stanford, Oregon State and Ohio State and then the Nike Camp at Stanford."

Last spring and summer, we saw Cummings at various camps and combines and he had a solid showing in the of-fseason, particularly in working with Prince.

"Me and Kevin, we had a real good connection in the passing leagues and in practice, and when he went down, that kind of messed with everything," said Cummings. "(Bryan) Bennett (Prince's replace at Crespi), he trusted Joe (Fauria) more and he could just throw the ball up to him. So he got real comfortable. But me and Bennett, we've been working every day together and we're getting connected."

Cummings will play both sides of the ball this fall, but he said his position of choice is receiver. In fact, that is a part of his selection process.

"Really the offense is something I'll really look at, how I'm going to be able to fit into the offense. Location is not a problem, if I stay close to home, than that is great. The program has to be solid. I know coaching changes happen a lot but I'm looking for stability in the program," said Cummings.

While Woods made an early decision, than went through a wave of emotions on whether he'd end up signing with UCLA, Cummings isn't leery of an early choice. "Depending on what offers I get, if I get a school I really feel comfortable with and if I get a couple of schools that I'm really interested in, to offer, then I'll choose early," said Cummings. "I know I want to have it done before the season."

Academically, Cummings has a 3.6 GPA and will take the SAT again this spring. He took the SAT last spring as a sophomore and scored a 1300 on it.

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