Neuheisel and Olson on Tuesday

Head Coach Rick Neuheisel talked about how the offense adapted Tuesday to the installation of more of the scheme, and what he thinks of the running backs, including Christian Ramirez, while Ben Olson talked about the new feeling to the practice and the quarterback competition...

Here are Rick Neuheisel's post-practice comments Tuesday.

The Bruins will be off Wednesday and then back at it Thursday, before taking off Friday, practicing Saturday (which will be an extended scrimmage) and then having Sunday off.


"I saw a lot of good things. It's the kind of day that we'll be able to teach a lot off of the tape. It's certainly not the kind of football that we need to be able to play. I mean, the defense dominated. In that first third down, we couldn't protect. The other thing that happened today was that we ended up installing more stuff so they're a little bit swimming. We've got to get the offense into the subconscious so it's just about executing assignments. I guess it's to be expected. It's a little bit disappointing if you're an offensive coach. But, as I said yesterday, with the offense challenging the defense and having their way with them in some specific periods, the defense anticipated to come out and play harder today.

"I'm pleased. As I told them, we're one-third of the way done with spring practice. So the next 10 practices are going to have be just absolutely 100 miles an hour type affairs and hopefully we'll get that done."

Will the installation of new stuff change your plans about thinning out the quarterback competition?

"We'll have to wait and evaluate the tape but certainly we need to start focusing and getting reps to the guys who we think are going to end up in the front of the line."

Do you have a number of guys that you can manage in that sort of competition?

"It's the hardest position to get a bunch of reps to. It's just hard because you require everyone else to have depth and it just doesn't work out that way. You have to have a defense that has depth. If you get four corners, which is what we're kind of working with, it's hard to get a fourth and fifth quarterback a lot of reps because there's not a fourth or fifth of corners to go against. It's not necessarily fair. I feel badly but we've got to get moving for the sake of the team. Those conversations will take place and we'll see where it goes." That's going to be tomorrow?

"We'll start having those conversations tomorrow (Wednesday), not at the point where we're going to be telling anything definitive. We just have to start moving in a direction as soon as Thursday."

How are your running backs shaping up?

"I'm seeing some good things. Especially considering that Kahlil Bell and Raymond Carter and a host of freshmen aren't here yet, Christian Ramirez has been outstanding. I'm pleased with Craig Sheppard. I'm pleased with Chane Moline and Ryen Carew. The kids have been playing well at the tailback position. I'm encouraged there. They all knew this was an opportunity to take advantage of some chances and I think they've answered the bell. I also am pleased with Trevor Theriot at the fullback position. I want to try Chane a little bit at fullback because I think some of those tailbacks will be able to be the kind of guys who can break from the ‘I' and Chane still be an accomplished single-back."

What was Glenn Love's injury on Monday?

"Glenn broke his thumb as we had anticipated but it's not the kind of break that requires surgery. As soon as the swelling subsides a little bit, he can get casted and come out here and get a lot of work done."

Nick Ekbatani was held out of heavy drills today?

"We were hoping to get him back (on Tuesday). Hopefully he'll be 100 miles an hour by Thursday. It's good to see him trying to get back there today."

What is it about Christian Ramirez that's impressed you?

"Just a very athletic guy. Very natural. Great body control. He needs to be somewhere on the playing field. He's a gifted guy at least in my eyes thus far."

Where else would you envision him?

"I don't know. That's where we'd go back to the world of creativity and figure it out. He's a guy that deserves some time."

How much can we read into how many reps each quarterback got on Tuesday?

"I wouldn't read into it yet. If not Thursday, then certainly by scrimmage time on Saturday, then I think we can start creating a depth chart. That doesn't mean it's a final depth chart."

Ben Olson's Comments:

How are you feeling?

"Good. Fifth day of spring ball so people are getting a little tired, a little sore but it's all good."

Are you reading into what's been going on with the different quarterbacks and getting reps?

"No, no, we rotate a lot of the drills so we can talk to coach so it all works out. I'm not worried about that stuff. I'm not worried about things I can't control."

Are people getting enough reps?

"Probably not. But that's just the nature of spring ball. With five quarterbacks, everybody's learning a new system so I'm sure every quarterback would say they're not getting enough reps. It's just kind of the way it goes right now. I have no idea what (the coaches) are planning on doing. I'm in control of what I can control. Whatever they tell me, I support it and just want to do what's best for the team."

How did the offense look today?

"We had our moments. It's one of those things where some days we're going to do good and some days the defense is going to do good. We had our moments and hopefully it'll be one of those things that will keep going."

Are you where you want to be (as a quarterback)?

"No, I'm not. We're learning new stuff, putting new plays in every day. I know I got to get better and it's just one of those things where you got to keep repping it and keep learning the new stuff and just try to get better every time you get out there."

How's the atmosphere at practice been different over the past week?

"It's a whole new feel. It's a new coach, nobody really knew what to expect coming into spring ball as far as the atmosphere and how they were going to run everything. So we're just excited about the new feel of UCLA football and we can't wait to get going. There's definitely a different aura out here than there was in the past."

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