Early Offers for 2011 Receiver

Prospects cannot get official official offers until September 1st of their junior years, but that hasn't stopped two Pac 10 schools from verbally offering potentially one of the top players in the country in 2011. Sammamish (Wash.) Skyline's Kasen Williams talked about his first two offers and his very early recruitment...

"U-Dub just offered me today actually," an excited Kasen Williams
 told Scout.com on Tuesday following Washington's spring practice at Husky Stadium. "That's why I was at a meeting with coach (Tyrone) Willingham. I had actually never really gotten a chance to talk with coach Willingham even though his son was on our Skyline team, but he's a pretty cool guy.

"He was talking mainly about what he's looking for in kids like me coming up out of high school and that he wants his kids to not only be successful on the football field, but in the classroom."

Williams, the 6-2 195-pounder who lives a scant 25 minutes from Washington's Montlake campus, was actually offered by Washington shortly after Skyline beat O'Dea (Seattle) for the 3A Washington State Championship game, a game that Williams had five catches for 106 yards in, but things got a little confusing when Willingham's wife made the offer and not the coach himself.

"He had told his wife to tell me because he was in Hawaii," Williams said, referring to Washington's trip to play the Warriors the first week of December. "He had told his wife to come and tell me, but I wasn't really clear on what his wife was trying to tell me. So he had actually offered me after the game, but I didn't know until today."

The other school Williams has already hauled in an offer from is UCLA, who offered him last Friday, but again, there was a delay in his knowledge of that offer.

"What had actually happened was that (UCLA head coach Rick Neuheisel) had actually called my family the day before and had told my dad," Williams recalled, "but my parents got a number for me and had me call him the next morning so he could tell me the same thing.

"That surprised me too because I wasn't really thinking about UCLA (offering) at all and had never really put it in my mind, but yeah it surprised me. For it to be my first offer and for it to be a school I've been thinking about that was actually pretty amazing to me."

Earlier this spring, Williams admitted that California and UCLA were the two schools he was most interested in at that point and time, but he said things have changed a bit with the recent developments.

"Things have changed because I'm looking at Washington a lot more," Williams said. "Actually I'm looking hard at all of the Pac 10 schools instead of just narrowing it down to just two schools. I've decided that I need to expand out a little bit. So right now it's basically the entire Pac 10 and Washington and UCLA in particular."

Both Willingham and Neuheisel admitted to Williams that they were breaking their own M.O.'s by offering the freshman as early as they have.

"They both said that they usually don't offer kids my age so it's an honor to already have two offers," Williams said. "I'm just taking what people tell me and working harder and trying to stay humble about it all."

Helping Williams stay humble are two of his closest friend, WR Gino Simone and QB Jake Heaps, who have helped their young teammate gain the early attention.

Heaps, who is likely to be one of the top players in the country in his own right when he is eligible to sign in 2010, has been particularly helpful.

"Before the whole season started Jake had told me he was going to bring me to a lot of the camps he was going to go to and after the first few camps I started getting exposure and people thought I had some skills and stuff and that's how my name has kinda gotten out there," Williams said.

"I never thought it would be like this, because at the beginning of the season I didn't get in until the ninth game of the season. That was really the first time I played, so I didn't think anything like this would be happening. I just thought I would sit back and do what coach tells me to do.

"It's very overwhelming and it all just rushes at you."

Williams plans to take in the UCLA one-day camp early this summer and he also plans to visit Washington several times during spring camp while also hitting a seven-on-seven tournament that will be held at Husky Stadium as well as the Barton Football Academy camps he's been attending for the past few years.

With two offers under his belt already, expect to hear a lot more about the 6-2, 200 pound Williams over the next three years, but don't expect him to be anything but humble about all of the attention.

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