Austin Talks About Transition

The junior wide receiver, Terrence Austin, talked Thursday after practice about how it's been making the transition to a new scheme on offense and having new coaches, and the competitiveness at this spring's practice...

Terrence Austin's post-practice comments:

How's the offense doing adjusting to another new offensive coordinator?

"It's the same transitions. Fortunately we got (Chow) in the spring. It's not the last minute in the fall. So I think it's a smooth transition. Everybody's getting it well. We've got installations before practice, we've got walk-through before practice, then we run the same stuff in practice that we did in the walk-through. It's pretty much a smooth transition. I don't think it's hard at all."

How does the new offensive system compare to last year's?

"I still see the same concepts that we had every day that we had last year. Like you said, the terminology's different, might be little tweaks here and there but it's pretty much the same. The same concepts, a little more defined but it's the same concepts."

The offense seems to be behind the defense at this point. Do you think that's a result of the new playbook or something else?

"Definitely, I would think so (it's because of the new playbook). I'm not being biased because I'm on offense but I really do think so. We've had a setback three years in a row (with new coordinators). And the defense has had the same guy -- Coach Walker. And you know Coach Walker's defense is real intimidating sometimes and they're only getting better. They know the same stuff so all they're doing is working off of us. And we're working off of some new stuff plus having to deal with their heat. I think it's normal right now but I think that's good for us. When it comes down to it, it's going to be good."

Is there more of a sense of excitement than last year at this point?

"Yeah I can tell. Part of it is because we want to change and part of it is that we've got this all-star coaching staff and everybody's excited about having these guys. You know, it's spring ball and a lot guys are fighting for new jobs and we had a lot of seniors leave last year so it's pretty much a big difference than it was last year. That's why it's probably a little bit more competitive right now."

How much of the new excitement is just from the little things that the coaching staff brought in, like the new jerseys and board showing the day's top players?

"It's pretty much everything. When they got here, they emphasized having a new start and everybody likes to start fresh. When you start fresh, you get guys that want to bring out a new beginning and that's big time. So I think when he did that -- brought out the new jerseys -- he just emphasized it more. Hey, this is something new for us and we want a better start. "

It seems like there's been more scraps between players during practice than last year. Do you think that's a result of just everyone being more competitive and excited?

"Yeah, definitely. As a team, I think we like that all our teammates are fighting and scrapping like that. We've always had that rep of us being soft and not being a competitive team. Just seeing that, it's really been a big difference than it has been in the past. I don't see anything wrong with the scrapping. I think it's great. Coach doesn't really want us out here trying to take each other's heads off but you can tell when we get the chance, everybody's trying to do well. "

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