RB Prospect High on UCLA

<b>Cornell Johnson</b>, the big running back from Las Vegas, indicated that UCLA is recruiting him very seriously, and if he had to choose right now, there's one school he'd probably pick...

Cornell Johnson, 6-1, 205, Las Vegas (Nev.) Desert Pines, said that UCLA has offered him a scholarship and that if he had to decide right now, it'd "probably be UCLA."

Johnson, who has rushed for 1458 yards in 9 games with 27 touchdowns, said his three favorites right now are UCLA, Miami and Oklahoma, with Oregon and Washington State trailing those top three.

Not all of his favorites, though, have offered him a scholarship. Johnson said that UCLA, Arizona and Nebraska have offered. "And Washington State, too, I think, but I can't remember," Johnson said.

The big running back who claimed he clocked a 4.5 at Nebraska's camp during the summer said that UCLA Head Coach Bob Toledo called and offered him a scholarship. He said he hears from UCLA running back coach Kelly Skipper every week.

Even though he said he's concentrating mostly on his season and his team right now and isn't thinking too much about recruiting, he said he knows he wants to visit UCLA, Miami and Oklahoma for sure, and then possibly Oregon and Washington State. "Those top three I definitely want to visit. Oklahoma has told me they want me to visit. I'll visit UCLA in December or January."

When asked if he had to commit right now, Johnson said, "It'd probably be UCLA."

When asked why, Johnson said, "I really like UCLA. I like the school and I like the program. The offense they run is what we run in high school, so I'm really familiar with it and think it's great for a running back."

What else is he looking for in a college? "I'll look at what players they have at my position, and how I could play a role. The school, the education, and the tradition. If I did have to redshirt I wouldn't mind. If I had to play, I'd want to, though."

Johnson also said that location is not really even a consideration. "I'll go wherever. I have family all over, close to just about any school I'm looking at. And my mom's going wherever I go."

Johnson, who said he wants to study civil engineering, said he has over a 3.0 core GPA. He's taken the ACT, which he didn't pass, but is taking the SAT for the first time at the beginning of next month.

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