VIDEO: Crespi WR Kevin Cummings

Check out the highlights of 6-1, 175-pound junior wide receiver from Encino (Calif.) Crespi, Kevin Cummings, the cousin of incoming freshman safety E.J. Woods...

Kevin Cummings is #20 in the video, seen here catching passes, running end-arounds and making blocks downfield.

Cummings had a big summer, teaming up with Kevin Prince, one of UCLA's quarterback signees, but Prince's injury early in the season, effectively limited the Celts' passing game, coupled with the emergence of the Crespi running game. Still, Cummings did all of the little things for the Celts and is poised for a big year.

He's had a very good spring, earning MVP of the QBU Camp in Las Vegas last month and being a part of the CaliTwo team that won the Badger/New Level Pass Camp in Vegas a week later.

Cummings will be at UCLA's Junior Day on Saturday.

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