The #3-Ranked OT to Visit UCLA

Eric Shrive, the 6-7, 300-pound offensive tackle prospect from Scranton, Pennsylvania, has 30 scholarship offers and recently talked to us in-depth about some of the schools at the top of his list, including UCLA...

West Scranton High School offensive tackle Eric Shrive is now holding written scholarship offers from Pittsburgh, Rutgers, Syracuse, Illinois, North Carolina State, Notre Dame, Miami, Penn State, Georgia, UCLA, Buffalo, Connecticut, Virginia, West Virginia, Tennessee, Duke, Florida, Wisconsin, Ohio State, Michigan, Auburn, Temple, Boston College, Florida State, Michigan State, Nebraska, Iowa, Minnesota, Oklahoma and South Carolina. The 6-foot-7, 300-pound lineman won't be committing anytime soon though as he explained to on Sunday night.

Rutgers - "I just got back from Rutgers and it was sweet. I only got to watch one series of the spring game as I spent a good amount of time talking to Head Coach Greg Schiano and then had to go for a television interview along with Tom Savage. I've been to Rutgers a million times now and they're making progress on the stadium renovations. All of the recruits from last year and this year were there and I see them having a promising future. Right now Rutgers is very high on my list and Coach Schiano is a big reason why they're up there."

Notre Dame - "The Irish are pretty high on my list too right now and I really like how Coach (John) Latina coaches the offensive line. He has produced some very good players over the past couple of years and really knows what he's doing at the position. I also think Head Coach Charlie Weis is a great guy and really appreciate how down to earth he is. When I'm on campus in South Bend I feel very comfortable and think a lot of the school."

Illinois - "Head Coach Ron Zook and the rest of the coaching staff are really doing a great job turning around the Illinois program and I think they'll be contending for a Big Ten title this year. When I was there I got to sit in on an offensive line meeting and I think Coach Eric Wolford is phenomenal. The players really get along with him well and the people out there are just so down to earth. They really have a true family atmosphere and I think that is why they are doing so well in recruiting lately because that grabs your attention immediately."

Iowa - "Coach (Ken) O'Keefe and I have been building a great relationship lately and Head Coach Kirk Ferentz is a great guy that has sent a ton of players to the NFL, especially on the offensive line. They're always in competition for the Big Ten title and like I said, they just have a great tradition for offensive linemen there. I will definitely be visiting Iowa, but I just have to figure out when that will be as there are so many programs I need to get to."

Florida - "When I was at Florida I got to sit in on Coach (Steve) Addazio's positional meeting and then watch a practice which was a great experience. They have a young team with a ton of talent and are going to be competing for a national championship against this year. I was extremely impressed with the coaching staff down there and the facilities were excellent."

Pittsburgh - "They are really starting to turn the program around out at Pitt and I have a great relationship with Coach (Brian) Angelichio. I'm really looking forward to meeting Coach Tony Wise because his reputation as an offensive line coach is second to none and he knows what it takes to be an NFL lineman. I also really like Head Coach Dave Wannstedt a lot because he's a great guy and you really get that family atmosphere from the Pittsburgh staff and players as well."

Ohio State - "One thing that I really, really like about the Buckeyes is that Coach Jim Bollman is not only the offensive line coach, but also the offensive coordinator, so there is no confusion there between separate coaches. I feel like that just gives the offensive line a huge advantage because he's the one that's calling the plays. Head Coach Jim Tressel is a down to earth person and I also really enjoyed myself when I was hanging out with the players at Ohio State. Their facilities and stadium are also awesome which is a big plus."

Miami - "Coach (Jeff) Stoudtland is a really good teacher and did an excellent job when he was at Michigan State. I sat in on his practice with the linemen and really just enjoyed the way he taught the players. Head Coach Randy Shannon and I got to talk for a little while and he seemed like a good guy. One thing about Miami is that they're Miami. They've traditionally been a great program and it's just a great city, so I liked a lot about them."

Oklahoma - "I haven't gotten to visit Oklahoma yet, but I'm definitely looking forward to getting down to Norman and see everything for myself as I've heard a lot of good things. Oklahoma Football is just a really big deal and the tradition there is second to none in my opinion. Coach (James) Patton and I have started to talk and build a relationship and I'd like to see how he works with his offensive linemen in person."

UCLA - "The Bruins really give me a great west coast option and are a very good football program. They just got in a new head coach and staff and there is a lot of excitement surrounding the program at this point. I really think that staff is going to turn the program around and I'm looking forward to visiting there in the spring or summer. If not, I'll probably take an official visit out there. I also like that it's right there near Hollywood which is a cool city."

As mentioned, Shrive has watched a few of his friends in Tom Savage and Je'Ron Stokes commit already, however he's not near that point yet. He spoke to us about a time frame as well as what he's really looking for in a school.

"I really just want to get out there and visit as many schools as I can," Shrive said. "I know that I'm not going to be able to get to all of the schools because I'm already up to 30 scholarship offers, but I'm definitely not eliminating anyone yet. I've forged some good relationships already with coaching staffs and the main thing that I'm looking for is to be surrounded with good people who care about me, football and academics."

"As far as when I'll decide, I'm thinking January or February," Shrive added. "I'm going to take all five of my official visits and right now none of these schools are out in the lead so to speak. Like I said, I just want to see as many places as I can first because I've liked every single program I've visited so far and I want to evaluate every option I can. Another thing I'm looking into is trying to graduate early which I'm going to talk to my principal about soon."

Shrive is a five-star prospect and is ranked as the No. 3 offensive tackle in the country by While he is being recruited mostly as an offensive lineman there are some programs that that think he's athletic enough to play defensive tackle for them.

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