Final Team Recruiting Rankings

It's end of semester time here at and we're handing out grades. We're at the midway point of rankings week and its time to rollout the final team rankings. Ben Howland gave UCLA fans a reason to smile!

Talk About It On The Boards

For the most part, the loose ends have been tied and we're about done with the Class of 2008. Once J'Mison Morgan and Emanuel Negedu tidy up their situations, we'll be completely finished.

Obviously UCLA's band of guards is going to be a load to deal with in the coming seasons. Ohio State's loaded up as well. Without further adieu, here's our take on the Class of 2008. 2008 Final Team Rankings

  1.   UCLA
  2.   Ohio State
  3.   Wake Forest
  4.   Louisville
  5.   North Carolina
  6.   Memphis
  7.   Connecticut
  8.   Georgetown
  9.   Florida
10.   West Virginia
11.   Arizona
12.   Kansas
13.   Duke
14.   Florida State
15.   Kentucky
16.   Alabama
17.   Michigan State
18.   Tennessee
19.   Oklahoma
20.   Oregon
21.   Washington
22.   Nevada
23.   Arkansas
24.   Vanderbilt
25.   USC
26.   Minnesota
27.   Mississippi
28.   Clemson
29.   Xavier
30.   Maryland


Baylor, Boston College, Cincinnati, Georgia, Georgia Tech, Gonzaga, Miami, Mississippi State, Missouri, Pittsburgh, Rutgers, Southern Illinois, Syracuse, Virginia, Washington State, Wisconsin.

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