L.A. Scout.com Under Armour Combine

Five prospects that are verbally committed to UCLA attend, but are limited in their participation, an offensive line prospect UCLA has offered competes, and some big names and others that made names for themselves make it a compelling day at the Home Depot Center Saturday...

With over 200 prospects participating in the Scout.com Under Armour Combine at the Home Depot Saturday, there were a number of standouts, while many of the UCLA prospects declined to participate in different aspects of the event.

The UCLA commits in attendance were quarterback Richard Brehaut, linebacker Todd Golper, and defensive backs Marlon Pollard, Byron Moore and Sheldon Price.

Brehaut, Moore, Golper and Price chose not to test, with Price having a quad injury. Golper and Price didn't participate in the drills.

There were actually a good amount of strong-armed quarterbacks showing off their skills. Many times in the combines, or any other camps, the event lacks enough good quarterbacks who can actually throw a good ball, but not on Saturday. With Brehaut, Upland's Josh Nunes, San Diego Scripp Ranch's Tate Forcier, Oceanside's Jordan Wynn, Clark Evans from Los Alamitos, and San Jose Bellarmine Prep's Austyn Carta-Samuels, there were plenty of well-thrown balls to catch. Just having seen this group of quarterbacks in one place on one day, it's easy to say that this year's crop of California quarterbacks is one of the deepest in quite a while. There aren't necessarily NFL-type guys in the bunch, but there are quite a few guys who have D-1 level throwing arms.

UCLA recently had to decide between Brehaut and Nunes, and on Saturday the two often threw at the same time right next to each other. Nunes, make no mistake, is a very good-looking prospect. He looks 6-3 to 6-4, probably 200 pounds, and had some polished mechanics. UCLA couldn't have gone wrong if they had opted to offer Nunes instead of Brehaut. Brehaut, perhaps, has a bit of an edge, however, as a prospect. He has quicker feet, and while his mechanics are less polished he has a stronger and it appeared more accurate arm. His ball fluttered a bit Saturday, but it was had some power behind it and he was very accurate in his throws. He looks like he's about 6-1 to 6-2. We'll have a video interview with Brehaut coming soon.

Forcier also showed his well-known arm strength, while Wynn, Carta-Samuels and Evans showed that they easily deserve D-1 looks.

UCLA-committed Byron Moore is a very good-looking athlete. He told us he measured at 6-0 and weighed 187, and then he worked out with the wide receivers for the day. He showed good strength in being able to shed coverage, but was a bit raw in pass-catching, dropping a few balls. In our opinion, he looks better suited as a safety, which UCLA recruited him as, and it would have been nice to see him work out with the defensive backs.

Marlon Pollard, the first to commit to UCLA for the 2009 class, has a fairly narrow frame, at about 6-0 and 150. He ran 4.60 and 4.73 in his two attempts at the 40, with the 4.60 being a good time on the day (most of the participants had one good time going with the wind and a mediocre time going against it). He put on a bit of a show at the end of the testing portion of the combine when he was getting tested in the vertical, jumping 38.5. In the one-on-ones, he showed good quickness and recovery speed, but tended to over-commit or make poor decisions. On one rep, he had been caught inside while his receiver leaked out wide, and Pollard made a leaping stop on the ball, which definitely demonstrated his hops.

Price didn't participate in the testing or drills, citing the injured quad. He looked to be about 6-2 and 155, with very long arms. We'll have a video interview with him coming soon. Golper looked to be about 6-0 to 6-1 and 220.

Sorry, Bruin fans, but we have to give it to you straight about the rest of the prospects at the combine: Probably the two best were both USC commitments.

Tight end Morrell Presley from Carson was the most impressive prospect at the camp. He measured at 6-3.5 and looked to be about 220 pounds. He ran a ridiculous 4.53 40, which, for a guy his size, is really flying. In the one-on-one drills he worked with the receivers, going up against the DBs, rather working with the tight ends who would face the linebackers in coverage, and he was easily the toughest receiver to cover. He runs with the agility of a player who is 6-0, with no awkwardness for his height, has the ability to make quick cuts and stops, and has a very smooth pass-catching ability.

Keep in mind that, while Presley is committed to USC, there have been some rumblings that he could change over to the blue and gold side.

Perhaps the second-best prospect, in our opinion, was another USC commit: safety prospect T.J. McDonald from Fresno Edison. He a big prospect, looking like he's about 6-2, if not bigger, with a very wide frame, appearing more like a potential linebacker than safety. But he moves like a defensive back, with good lateral quickness.

His teammate at Fresno Edison, Cliff Harris, one of the big names as the camp, also looked good, being very quick and physical in the one-on-ones.

Other clear standouts were running back Cierre Wood from Oxnard Santa Clara, who is verbally committed to Notre Dame. Wood has a good frame, looking like he's about 6-0 and 190ish, while running the second-best time of the day in the 40: 4.44. With the wind in his face, he first ran a 4.69.

Among the best prospects participating was Brent Seals, the safety prospect from La Puente Bishop Amat. Seals looks to be about 6-1 and 190ish, looking like he could also play some linebacker because of a nice, wide frame. He ran like a defensive back, though, posting a 4.6 40, looking very fluid in the drills. He eportedly jumped over 42 inches in the vertical.

Tight end Levine Toilolo from La Mesa Helix, who is committed to Stanford, was another clear-cut elite prospect. He had to measure over 6-7, and looked to be about 235 and, for a guy that size, ran very smoothly. He, understandably, was able to catch balls easily over the heads of his defenders in the one-on-ones.

Among the offensive linemen, USC-committed Kevin Graf from Agoura was impressive, all of 6-6 and 300. A prospect UCLA has offered that participated was Michael Philipp, from San Bernardino Arroyo Valley, and he had a good day, with quick feet and a good frame to play guard on the next level. Among the rest of the OLs on UCLA's radar that looked good were Jamaal Burrell from Compton Dominguez, Caylin Hauptmann from Bevery Hills and Matt Shinn from Rancho Cucamonga Los Osos. Burrell moved well and had good anticipation in the drills. Hauptmann showed better than he did at the Nike Camp, displaying more technical prowess. Shinn, while he might be a bit narrow in the shoulders, had good athleticism, running one of the best 40 times for an OL, a 5.15.

Jordan Johnson, from Corona Santiago, has a chance; He's a very big kid, at 6-6 and at least 285 and he moved decently for his size. Everett Benyard of San Diego Cathedral Cathoic is a huge human being, but didn't move well, running a 5.87 40. Kevin Danser, from San Jose Belleramine Prep, looked to be carrying some extra weight and didn't run well, posting a 5.84 40.

Quayshawn Buckley from Ontario Colony might be someone to note. He looked to be about 6-4 and 280, and he ran well, posting a 5.24 in the 40 and looked like he had good agility in the drills.

Among the wide receivers, the big name was Shaquelle Evans from Inglewood, who definitely looked good physically but didn't participate in the drills. Kevin Cummings, the prospect from Encino Crespi, had some good moments, being able to get his hands on the ball if it's close, but with his slender frame he seemed to struggle a bit to get separation against the more physical defensive backs.

A guy to pay attention to is Rashaun Schaefer from Fresno Edison, who looked to be about 6-4 and 185. He used his length to catch balls well in the drills, and he ran a 4.66 40, which was a good time for the day and definitely good for a prospect his size.

Marlion Bennett, from Corona Santiago, is a very good-looking athlete, who is probably 6-3 and 225. Terrence Miller from Moreno Valley Rancho Verde worked with the tight ends and looked like a definite prospect, at about 6-4 and 200, and good quickness. Tight end Sterling Carter from Torrance is a fairly unknown name, but he was a good-looking athlete, at about 6-4 and 210.

The running backs that UCLA is considering, Daniel Jenkins and Akil Sharp, didn't show. Visalia Mount Whitney's Ben Bowen, who looked to be about 5-9 and 175, ran the fastest 40 time of the day – a 4.43.

On the defensive line, some of the guys UCLA has been showing interest in fared well. It's hard not to recognize Will Sutton, whose quickness makes him stand out, running a 5.04 in the 40 while being too agile in the drills for anyone to stay with. The question is his size at defensive tackle, measuring 6-0 while weighing 244, with a frame that makes you wonder how much weight he can carry. Noel Beckles was tough to move in the drills, but ran a 5.5 40.

There were some interesting prospects at defensive end. The DE/QB James Boyd worked with the defensive line, and it was a good move for him, looking far too quick for anyone to keep up with. He ran decently, a 4.87 40. He might be a bit narrow in his torso, looking like he was about 6-4 and 215. Anthony Anderson, from San Diego Helix, looked good, at about 6-4 and 220ish, showing some good quickness off the edge in the drills. Ben Letcher from Corona Centennial is probably a bit under-sized at 6-2 and 220ish, but he showed good athleticism.

Among the linebackers, the interesting specimen was Jayson Allmond. Allmond looked to be about 6-1 and 235, and while he didn't necessarily move laterally well in the one-on-one drills, he ran well, and you can see why he's being considered as a fullback.

USC commit Marquis Simmons looked athletic and intense in the drills.

Perhaps the linebacker prospect that you noticed other than those two was Eric Martin, from Moreno Valley Rancho Verde. He looked to be about 6-1 and 220, and he ran a very solid 4.67. John Michael Davis from Tesoro has a good frame, at about 6-1 and has put on some good weight, looking like he's now at about 220. Michael Clay from San Jose Bellarmine Prep ran a 4.86 in the 40.

Among the DBs, other than the standouts previously mentioned, Sean Martin from Corona Santiago looked good, running a 4.5 40 and being physical in the one-on-ones. Chris Hill from Carson looks like a potentially good corner prospect, running a 4.47 and looking about 5-10 and 175.

From the class of 2010, the two guys that stood out were running back Emery Schexnayder from Las Vegas and Los Alamitos receiver Paul Richardson. Schexnayder is solid-looking physically, at about 5-11 and 190 and he ran a smooth 4.55 40. Richardson showed good quickness and looked good catching a couple of balls in the one-on-ones, looking to be about 6-1 and 180. His father, Paul Richardson, Sr., played at UCLA.

Looking on were incoming UCLA freshmen Nick Crissman and Datone Jones.

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