Standouts at UCLA's 1-Day Camp

There were about 400 participants at UCLA's One-Day Camp Saturday, including a few UCLA-committed recruits, some other very promising prospects, and some on the offensive and defensive line. Perhaps the biggest news was the elite prospect who hung out all day...

There were approximately 400 participants in Saturday's Oe-Day Camp at UCLA.

Head Coach Rick Neuheisel, as he's done with most things involved with the program so far, brought a new energy to the event. He's the first UCLA head coach we've seen that worked the drills himself, being very hands-on with the campers, while always in a perpetual state of encouragement and humor. In the one-on-one drills, when a receiver scored, he'd throw his hat in the air and yell, "Touchdown UCLA!" At the end of the camp, he told all of the parents and on-lookers to come out of the stands and surround the field for the last few passing one-on-ones.

In terms of talent, it was a fairly good turnout, with some encouraging talent on the offensive and defensive line.

The UCLA-committed recruits in attendance were quarterback Richard Brehaut, defensive back Sheldon Price, defensive back Marlon Pollard, linebacker Todd Golper and safety Byron Moore. Golper, still suffering from an ankle injury, and Moore didn't participate.

Brehaut had a pretty good day. Coming off a very good performance at the Armour Combine a week ago, his throws fluttered more often in this one. Perhaps it was throwing with an unfamiliar ball (since the UCLA coaches made the campers use UCLA's footballs). Most of his throws were strong, and he showed his excellent accuracy. He is, as we've reported, about 6-1 to perhaps 6-2, while he moves very well, going through the drills looking like a defensive back rather than a quarterback.

Price looked good in the drills and one-on-ones. He's all of 6-2, very long, and still quite thin. But it's very encouraging, for how long he is, how well he moves and how quick his feet are. He looked like he could have a chance to play cornerback, but would have exceptional cover skills at safety.

Probably the standout of the day was wide receiver Ricky Marvray, from Corona (Calif.) Centennial. Marvray missed the morning session to take the SAT, but walked into the camp in his red and black Under Armour/ shirt and dominated the passing one-on-one drills. The UCLA coaches were clued in, calling out Marvray to take reps against the better defensive backs, but he won every one-on-one match-up. Pollard tried to stay with him on a number of reps, but Marvrary got the best of him. Marvray isn't big (coming in at 5-11.5 and 180 at the Combine), and he isn't blazingly fast (he ran a 4.72 40 at the Combine), but he's quick and makes quick cuts, and has very good hands. Marvray told us after the camp that UCLA is his favorite school and he'd commit on the spot if offered (that interview, on video, will be coming soon).

College coaches, per NCAA rules, are not allowed to offer a scholarship to a participant during the camp. We were told that the UCLA coaches would conduct a post-camp meeting late Saturday afternoon, and it will be interesting to see if any scholarship offers come out of that meeting. You would think that Marvray would be one of the candidates.

Receiver Kevin Cummings from Encino (Calif.) Crespi looked good, looking quick off the ball while running strong routes. He's fairly thin, so he can struggle sometimes physically, but he had a good showing here. Chris Morris from Burbank Burroughs has a good combination of size (at about 6-2 to 6-3) and agility, showing good feet through the drills, and then catching the ball well.

To our knowledge, there weren't any UCLA-level running back prospects, at least for the 2009 class, participating.

Norm Chow and Richard Brehaut.
The other skill position that has a good amount of talent was tight end. J.T. Kerr, the 6-4, 233-pounder from San Diego Scripps Ranch, showed ability. Having good size, he ran solid routes and had good hands. Marlion Bennett, from Corona Santiago, could be a bit undersized for tight end, at 6-2 and 220, but he has very good quickness and good feet, and caught everything around him. In the recruiting update we did on him this week, he said UCLA was recruiting him as an "athlete," and you could see why, since he might not develop into a Pac-10 tight end, but he's such a good athlete you'd like to see where he could plug in, like at linebacker. A guy that caught our eye at the Combine was Sterling Carter from Torrance (Calif.) High, and he showed some considerable ability Saturday. Carter is about 6-4 to 6-5 and probably weighs 215, with some very long arms and length to him. He had good quickness for his size, and then really used that great length to catch balls out of his area, with very good hands. Chris Coyle, the prospect from Westlake Village (Calif.) Oaks Christian, also looked good, moving well and showing very good hands. Coyle, like Bennett, though, is probably about 6-2, and might not have the size.

There was a pretty solid group of offensive line prospects, led by Greg Capella, from Visalia (Calif.) El Diamante. Capella is listed at 6-4 and 325 and that's probably about right. He could trim up some, but he physically is built like a square box, and it's a good sign that he can, going into his senior year in high school, already carry the weight of a Pac-10 level O-lineman and move well. In the OL drills he definitely stood out because of his combination of strength and fluidity, being able to move the blocking sled with ease. UCLA offensive line coach Bob Palcic was obviously impressed, pointing out Capella to Offensive Coordinator Norm Chow. Capella did well in the one-on-ones, except when he matched up against defensive lineman Will Sutton, which isn't anything to be ashamed of since Sutton this spring has beaten just about any OL he's faced. Capella appears to project more as an offensive guard, and it'd be exciting to see him once he gets in a college training program, trimmed up to get even quicker to go along with that strength.

Corona Santiago's Jordan Johnson, who is 6-5 and 315, moves pretty well for his size, looking good in the OL drills and one-on-ones with the DLs. He moved the sled easily, using good leverage for a recruit his height.

Perhaps a prospect to watch is Jake Amaya, a 6-5 and 250-pounder from Menifee (Calif.) Paloma Valley. Amaya has a good frame, holding 250 pounds while looking pretty thin – like he could easily put on 35 more pounds. He moved particularly well, and in the one-on-ones the UCLA coaches kept telling him to step up for reps since he was very difficult to get around.

Junior Lafaele, from Riverside (Calif.) Norte Vista, is someone to watch. He's about 6-3 and 315 and, like Capella, and has a square box of a body, with a very good low center of gravity. He showed good strength in the drills and you could see him project as a good interior lineman.

Caylin Hauptmann had a good day, at about 6-4 and 310. He'd probably have to project as an interior player, and is a bit top heavy, but he worked hard and showed good feet in the one-on-one drills.

from San Diego Cathedral Catholic is a massive human being, at 6-6 and 315. Already at that size, he has some room to trim up, and with such a good frame and size, it'd be interesting to see how well he could move if he were in better shape.

Jamaal Burrell, at about 6-4 and 270, worked with the OL and DL. He has a young face and with a body that looks like it could put on considerably more weight.

Mark Clampitt is a tough-looking kid, and did well in the drills, but he's about 6-2 and 240 and physically looks more like a linebacker than a D-1 OL.

We didn't see much of Matt Shinn, the OL prospect from Rancho Cucamonga (Calif.) Los Osos, or Ryan Shott from Mission Viejo Capistrano Valley.

On the defensive line, the standout was Will Sutton, who took the SAT in the morning and showed up in the afternoon to dominate the one-on-ones. The UCLA coaches called him in during the one-on-ones to go against Capella a number of times, and while Capella got him once, Sutton's quickness and cleverness were too much to contain. Sutton, from Corona Centennial, is about 6-0.5 and 245 pounds, with a narrow frame, which makes you wonder how much more weight he'd be able to put on. But it's starting to get to the point that he's so good it might be a case where you take him and see where he plays later, perhaps at the rush side defensive end spot.

The other clear standout on the DL was Crenshaw's Nicholas Alexander. He looked to be about 6-4 to 6-5 and weigh approximately 225, with good quickness and very long arms. The UCLA coaches were calling him up during the one-on-ones, saying, "Crenshaw, get in there," and he performed well, showing good agility for someone his size.

We didn't see Noel Beckles, the 6-1 285-pound defensive tackle from Los Angeles Verbum Dei, too much in the one-on-ones.

One of the most promising underclassmen to watch is George Uko from Chino(Calif.) Don Lugo. He's probably 6-3 and 300 and has a great body, especially for a sophomore.

Robert Franco, from San Pedro, was among the best linebackers at the camp, moving well in the drills. John Michael Davis from Las Flores (Calif.) Tesoro was also impressive in the drills, showing good feet and decent quickness.

Among the DBs, you have to like Pollard's attitude. In the one-on-ones he was taking the reps against Marvray every time. Pollard definitely is athletic, he just needs to learn technique. Brent Seals from La Puente (Calif.) Bishop Amat again showed very good athleticism going through the various agility drills. At 6-1 and 185, he exhibited very good hips and an ability to come out of his plant with some explosiveness. UCLA Defensive Coordinator DeWayne Walker took him aside to give him a few tips at one point, obviously interested in him. Sean Martin from Corona Santiago, like he did last week at the Combine, showed a good combination of size (at about 6-1) and quickness, being easily among the best cover DBs at the camp. Marquis Andrews from Los Angeles Crenshaw as also among the best cover guys in the camp.

Perhaps the most significant development on Saturday was Morrell Presley, the elite TE/WR committed to USC, hanging out at Spaulding Field the entire day with UCLA's committed guys, as well as the Bruin incoming freshmen. Byron Moore was with Presley the entire day.

USC-committed LB Marquis Simmons was also there for a while.

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