VIDEO: More UCLA Camp Clips

We have a few more clips from UCLA's One-Day Camp last Saturday, including UCLA's committed quarterback Richard Brehaut showing his mobility in drills, and one-on-ones of defensive lineman Will Sutton going up against offensive line prospect Greg Capella...

Here are a few more clips from UCLA's One-Day Camp last Saturday.

You can see the mobility of UCLA's committed quarterback, Richard Brehaut from Rancho Cucamonga (Calif.) Los Osos, in a few clips from the drills.

In the second reel are clips of the OL v. the DL.

Clip #1: Jamaal Burrell is the OL
Clip #2: JR George Uko (DL) v. Everett Benyard (OL)
Clips #3 & #4: Nicholas Alexander (DL) v. Jake Amaya (OL)
Clips #5-7: Will Sutton (DL) v. Greg Capella(OL)

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Brehaut in Drills and OL v. DL:

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Brehaut in Drills:


OL v. DL:


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