Edwards Talks on His Official Visits

The JC offensive lineman from Diablo Valley College, Donovan Edwards, is a valuable commodity this spring since he can enroll this fall in a four-year school. He took official visits to two SoCal schools last week and talked to us about his impressions...

Diablo Valley (Calif.) College offensive tackle Donovan Edwards double-dipped last week, taking a pair of official visits to Southern California schools.

He'll take one more visit this week before closing in on his final decision.

"I went down to San Diego State on Monday and Tuesday before I went to UCLA," said Edwards. "It went great. It was my first time in San Diego."

Then Edwards made the trip up to Westwood and was blown away by that visit.

"It was great, man, it was great," said Edwards. "They pretty much rolled out the red carpet for me there in Westwood."

Edwards had two hosts, both tight ends, on his visit to UCLA.

"First it was Nate Chandler and then it was Logan Paulsen, who is one of the team captains," said Edwards. "Logan and Nate are two great guys. They really showed me around, showed me what UCLA football is all about and the bond the teammates have."

Edwards also met a few of the other offensive linemen. "I got to meet Mike Harris, Nick Ekbatani and Micah Kia and they are all great guys," said Edwards.

Edwards and Ekbatani, in fact, had more in common then they realized. "Me and Nick were talking a lot and our reference to how we call it, ‘JC Ballin'.' So we had a little bond over there. We were both guys who didn't really get recruited so we had to play one year of JC ball to get attention. We both did "JC Ballin'."

And Edwards also spent ample time with head coach Rick Neuheisel and offensive line coach Bob Palcic.

"I spent a lot of time with Coach Neuheisel on this visit. He showed me around and he let me know the direction the program is going in and how I can contribute to that," said Edwards. "With Coach Palcic, I had dinner with him both nights I was there and I got to spend a lot more time with him. He is a great guy and a great coach."

Edwards said he wasn't tempted to commit, wanting to wait to make a decision on any school until the end of this week. "I told the coaches that I have another visit to Washington State this Thursday, and after I take the visit, I will make my decision," said Edwards. "I'm honestly not leaning towards any school right now. I'm really trying to stay open minded, because it's going to be a tough decision. Each school wants me and each school wants me to be their guy."

Edwards had said before there was a very good chance he'd return to Diablo Valley this fall, but he said that is becoming less and less likely.

"I guess you could say that there is a small possibility I might go back, but the way it's looking right now, I will be playing D-I football this fall."

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