Cummings Plays Waiting Game

Encino (Calif.) Crespi receiver Kevin Cummings has excelled at just about every camp or combine he's been to this spring, yet he's still waiting for the first school to step forward and extend an offer...

Encino (Calif.) Crespi receiver Kevin Cummings (6-2, 175) continues to have a strong spring, earning all-combine honors at the Los Angeles UnderArmour/ Combine and MVP honors at the FBU Camp in Las Vegas.

Still, Cummings is waiting for that elusive first offer to come in.

Last week, Cummings camped at San Diego State and also camped at UCLA a few weekends ago, feeling his performance there was strong as well.

"I felt I showed them enough that they would be interested," said Cummings. "They've seen me a lot the past 3-4 years so hopefully they know enough about me."

Cummings is hoping to camp with the Huskies, but not sure which Huskies it will be.

"I'm debating if I'm going to the UConn or Washington camps too," said Cummings. "I know I'm going to B2G for all four days and I'm going to the USC Rising Stars camp too."

Cummings said seven schools are standing out for him: Washington, Stanford, UConn, Arizona State, San Diego State and then the two hometown schools, UCLA and USC.

"It's a little frustrating that I haven't gotten an offer, but I can just go out there and play and hopefully one will come," said Cummings. "If I get an offer and I feel comfortable and my family feels comfortable with it, I'd commit, but if not, I have no problem taking my time."

Cummings saw his cousin E.J. Woods move into UCLA this weekend, along with teammate Kevin Prince, and he's hoping both continue to put in a good word for him with the Bruin coaching staff.

"I hope they always do," laughed Cummings.

Last summer, Cummings and Prince developed a good rapport in the passing game, but when Prince was injured in the season opener, sophomore quarterback Bryan Bennett took over the Celts offense. It took them a while, but now Bennett and Cummings are clicking.

"Me and him have been on point with the passing leagues and we've gotten close in friendship and it's looking how KP and me were," said Cummings.

Academically, Cummings has a 3.6 GPA and took the SAT this spring.

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