UCLA Makes It Two For Riley

La Canada (Calif.) St. Francis athlete Dietrich Riley, one of the top athletes in the class of 2010, added a second offer from a Los Angeles school, giving the SoCal native more to think about...

Just days after concluding his sophomore year, La Canada (Calif.) St. Francis athlete Dietrich Riley got big news that USC was offering him a scholarship.

A week later, and Riley got more big news when UCLA told him a scholarship would be coming his way September 1st.

"I was shocked when I got the two offers," said Riley. "UCLA offered me on Sunday. It was exciting because I've been to a lot of UCLA games and I'm really familiar with the program."

When the Trojans offered, Riley said USC was his dream school. With the Bruins getting involved, has that changed anything?

"Yes, UCLA and USC are now dead even," said Riley. "They're both close to home and they are both prestigious schools with great football programs and great academics. It's exciting because these are the two schools I've grown up watching and to get an offer from both of them before my junior year is just exciting."

Riley has camped at both UCLA and USC. And good performances at each camp have made an impact on the coaching staffs at the respective schools.

"Both of the camps were really cool, and I didn't go into the camps expecting to get an offer because I was only going to be a junior. I was just going to compete, so it's cool that the coaches saw what I could do," said Riley.

Riley has attended a handful of UCLA games and was at the Bruins' Spring Game. He and Kevan Walker, DeWayne Walker's son, are close friends and Riley has known the UCLA defensive coordinator for a while.

"I really like the coaching staff at UCLA and I'm close to them, especially Coach Walker," said Riley. "The defensive staff is really good there."

What side of the ball Riley will play in college still remains to be seen.

"Both Coach Seto and Coach Walker said they were just offering me as an athlete. I could play running back or I could play DB in college. But I've got two years to worry about what position I'll play," said Riley.

Riley is also good friends with Todd Golper, a UCLA commit, and both Walker and Golper have offered him advice on the process.

"Todd told me right away to not rush anything, to go through the process, that when you know which school is for you, you'll be ready. I want to be able to take some trips and visit some schools before I decide. I don't think I'll make a decision until Signing Day my senior year. So I've got like two years," said Riley.

Riley isn't limiting himself to the two Los Angeles schools.

"I like a lot of schools and I'm hearing from schools like Wake Forest and Tennessee. I went out to Tennessee during my spring break and they said they're going to be recruiting me and they want to see my film," said Riley. "But I do like the Pac-10 schools and me and my mom were talking about how great it is that my first two schools are both close to home."

Riley's coach, Jim Bonds, was a quarterback at UCLA, and while Riley said he was happy to hear that his alma mater had gotten involved, he didn't try to impact his decision.

"Coach Bonds was happy for me, but he said it's my decision and he'll help me anyway I need him to, but he's not telling me to go any one school," said Riley.

Last month, Riley was one of the standouts at the UnderArmour/Scout.com Combine in Los Angeles, earning all-combine honors.

As a 2007 sophomore at St. Francis, Riley rushed for 840 yards and five touchdowns and had 132 catches for a touchdown with 48 tackles, two sacks and a pick.

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