Hasiak Has Cali School Leading

The #18-ranked offensive tackle in the nation, 6-5, 315-pound Stan Hasiak from Kapolei, Hawaii, talks about how three Pac-10 schools in California lead for him, and how one has the slight edge at this time...

Stan Hasiak, the 6-foot-5, 315-pound four-star offensive tackle from Kapolei, Hawaii, says it's basically a three team race between California, UCLA and USC.

"I'd say that Cal leads, but it's still very close between my top three," Hasiak said. "I've met the coaches from all three schools and I like them all but I found myself being able to connect the best with the coaches at Cal. Coaches (Jim) Michalczik (offensive line) and (Tosh) Lupoi (defensive line) have talked with me about ways to get better and we've watched film together. Michalczik would ask me if I noticed what went wrong when watching film. We connected real quickly.

"If time permits, I'd like to take an official visit to Cal right after my first game of the season," he said. "I also really like the chance to play early there and the degree I could get from them.

"Between the L.A. schools, I'd probably say I lean a little more towards UCLA than USC right now," Hasiak said. "UCLA is in a really nice area of L.A. It was just beautiful. I was in awe. Coach (Bob) Palcic (offensive line) drew me towards UCLA because he has coached Outland Trophy winners. We also spoke about me playing early and he said I might be able to start as a freshman.

"That's somewhat important to me," he said. "But I kind of don't want to start right away. But overall I guess I'd say that I would like to start as a freshman.

"USC is about big-time football," Hasiak stated. "They have really upbeat practices and the coaches are always trying to help and keep you amped up. It's the program and the coaches I like about USC. But USC has a lot more guys and they're recruiting a lot more too.

"I'm gonna take my time and think all this through," he said. "I might decide sometime in December or January. More can happen in the future. But for now, it's Cal, UCLA and USC.

"Schools want me for both offensive tackle and offensive guard," Hasiak explained. "I probably prefer guard, but it depends on how much I weigh. I'm about 315 right now. I'd say USC, UCLA and Washington want me for guard. Cal, Oregon, Oregon State and Arizona like me at offensive tackle.

"I'm good at reading defenses," he said. "I can tell right away what to do and I have good initial pop off the ball. In pass pro, I hold my ground pretty well. I get my hips down and my weight over my feet. My hand placement could improve.

Hasiak reports a 2.7 core GPA and a 1050 SAT.

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