USC Game Photo Gallery

Here are some great photos from past UCLA/USC games to get you pysched up for the game on Saturday...

1993 - Jonathan Ogden straight-arms Willie McGinest.

1997 – Skip Hicks breaks into the clear.

2001 – Dave Ball gives Carson Palmer a lift.

1997 – Eric Scott (14) leads the winning celebration.

1998 – Jermaine Lewis takes off.

1996 – Rodney Lee makes a huge sideline catch.

1995 – Derek Ayers takes the ball from McNown.

1996 – Cade McNown get some of his 382 yards of offense.

1996 – The fans go wild during the 2OT victory.

1996 – Skip Hicks breaks out for the winning TD.

1997 – Bruins sack Trojan QB John Fox in the final minutes.

1996 – Danny Farmer drags the Trojan defender.

Enough said.

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