No Week to be a Crank

<B>EDITORIAL</B>: Our resident crank, Charles Chiccoa, comes out of the bunker and actually gets optimistic (at least for a crank). He warns his fellow cranks that this is the week, once a year, when you give up your crankhood...

It's certainly good to be out of the bunker... You know, stretch the legs, pinwheel the arms, breathe in some fresh autumn air, run a few wind sprints, throw the old ball around.  It was getting a bit claustrophobic in there.


You must have noticed how beautiful it was here, a couple of Sunday mornings ago, following the nice win over Arizona.  The first storm of the year had passed; everything seemed cool, crisp, newly washed. Best of all, the Bruins had passed their three game prerequisite and could go into finals well rested, less tense, and with a new attitude.  Let Ohio St., Texas, Iowa and Georgia sweat out some challenging road tests.  Let the Trojans risk injury and distraction at the Coliseum.  We could sit back for a week and watch someone else squirm for a change.


Hey cranks, it could be worse.  How'd you like to be a fan of Texas, LSU, Oregon or Nebraska this week?  What do you think their boards look like?  Smoking, eh?  Texas blows a 14-0 first quarter lead, gives up 600 yards, and further cements Mack Brown's reputation as the Joe Isuzu of college football.  LSU, only a week after the greatest birthday present since "the immaculate reception," gets shut out and steamrolled at home by Alabama and Tyler Watts (you remember Tyler, the guy who can't pass straight).  And who's picture do you think is going up on Phil Knight's billboards this week?  Who's your Daddy, Phil?...  Skippy!  And here's a catchy little show tune from "Oklahoma" for those lovable "bug-eater" fans:  


"Poor Husker's dead,

 A candle lights his head,

 You can hear 'em weep and wail for miles around,

 He wasn't very old,

 Now his body's gettin' cold,

 Oh why did such a feller have to die."    


Do the Bruin road wins in Stillwater, Corvallis, Seattle and Tucson look a little more encouraging today?  Yeah, I know SC's good, maybe very good, but the "Biggest Game" is going to be played on Bruin ground, the pressure's on them, and they'll likely be facing the best collection of athletes they've seen this year.

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