Neuheisel After Thursday's Practice

Head Coach Rick Neuheisel talked to the media after practice Thursday, mostly about senior quarterback Ben Olson and what he has to do to improve during this fall camp, the development of the offense line, and more...

"As an overview, it was a great tempo today.

"We still got to get Scott Glicksberg...we're still trying to get him the right medicine, and hopefully we'll get him back tomorrow. He's been out with flu-like symptoms for the last couple of days and that's the reason he hasn't been out here."

"But I like the tempo. We put a 40-second clock on the field today to try to simulate what's going on in the college game with the new rule. But I like what I'm seeing."

What are you seeing from the offensive line?

"I think it's behind the defensive line, which is always the case when you first start up. But I think we're further along than we were, and I anticipate it improving more than any other position on the field. I just think we're going to grow, fast."

Do you see enough where you would think it won't be big concern?

"Even if it were a big concern I'm not sure we'd ever admit it. But the bottom line is we're not going to make excuses. The other thing we're not doing, we're not checking out of a lot of plays right now, and the defense is getting aggressive and coming, whereas you would if you were game-planning. So we're living with some uphill plays to get them taught and get them the pace. But I think the kids are giving everything they have and hopefully we'll find some answers."

Is it natural at this time for the defense to dominate the offense?

"Yeah, it's natural, especially with the experience level on this team. We have some defensive players that are more experienced. That's not to take away from their effort, or their talent. We're going to win games because of them (the defense) at times. But we have to catch up the offense and the defense will help do that by creating that tempo."

With Ben Olson, you mentioned the other day that it could take him a while to get in physical shape...

"In the old days I would have been more concerned because there wasn't that acclimatization period. We would have just been out here with just the freshmen. But now we have the ability for him to get this conditioning underneath him, I think we're going to be fine. But we have to make sure we have a charted course and stick to it."

Are there some issues from the injury?

"He's sore. But that's to be expected from the type of break and the healing of the wound. He's pushing through it and I'm hopeful he'll get to be the consistent player we need him to be.

The key is for him to stay as consistent as he can be, and his decision-making. So we count on where the ball's going to go, and know it's going in the proper place."

How is his decision-making?

"He's improved."

In all of his throws? Down the field...

"It's the decision-making so that his feet can correspond with his mind on where needs the ball to go. Sometimes his eyes tell him what to do but his feet aren't following. So, the ball is inaccurate. He's got to be really organized before he snaps the ball. Not necessarily because he knows where he's going with the ball, but he knows his progression and his feet will follow."

Can he work that out in training camp?

"He can because he has to."

But would you prefer he worked that out in the off-season?

"But he missed that season. So hopefully he can catch up quickly."

What do you see from the other quarterbacks?

I see some good things. I thought Osaar Rasshan did some good things at the end of practice today. There are all of these bright spots, but no one is consistent with them. It would be inaccurate to say that anyone knows what to do on every play. But as we go forward we're going to have to start limiting reps, and people are going to have to understand that and they have to take advantage. The guy who's going to leap to the front of the class is the guy who knows more than everybody else."

How are Kevin Prince and Nick Crissman?

"I like them both. They both have shown flashes. I think they're both talented and I'm glad we have them both."

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