Neuheisel and Dean Talk Thursday

The head coach talks about the state of the offense and defense heading into Saturday's scrimmage, and freshman running back Aundre Dean shares his thoughts on the competition at running back, fall camp, and the Tennessee game...

Coach Rick Neuheisel's opening comments:

"It was a defensive day. I thought that they did some great things, especially towards the end in the one-versus-one scrimmage. It was good to see they responded to some difficulties over the last couple days, and that's what you want. You want competitive guys and they answered tonight. Now it will be interesting to see how the offense responds. That's kind of the nature of camp: You keep slugging, kind of like Rocky in the first movie. You keep slugging the meat and eventually, hopefully you're ready for a bout. That's where we are right now. Tomorrow we will prepare for Saturday's scrimmage, and then hopefully get them off their legs for 36 hours and get after again next Monday."

On Taylor Embree:

"I've been told he'll be back in a week. I'm hopeful that he'll be back quickly. He's having a good camp."

On the injury to Logan Paulsen:

"I don't know. We'll get a report here later. I think he just wore his lick." On the progress of the offense:

"It's beginning to take shape. It's almost like sitting there watching somebody create art. You kind of now know what he's building, but it's got a lot of polish still to go. I think that's where I'd assess it at the time."

On the amount of Aundre Dean's reps:

"He's getting a little bit more and he got a little welcome to college football. Glenn Love came up and laid the wood. And while it's no fun to go through, it's important that he understands the speed and the nature of the collision. Hopefully he'll come back and show he's really competitive like we all believe him to be."

On the position battles: "Position battles are usually enhancements to your team because you're going to need everybody. If people are fighting to see who is first-string they usually come out ready to play, and or you'll find out how competitive they really are. I think it helps us to have those position battles last as long as they can, even all the way through the season. But, at some positions like quarterback, you probably need to make some decisions quicker."

On the position battle between John Hale and Akeem Ayers at strongside linebacker:

"(They're) having a spirited battle, no question about it. I'll wait and talk to DeWayne (Walker) about where he's got them ranked, but I just noticed that both are flying around. It's great for our football team."

Comments by freshman running back Aundre Dean

On how camp has gone: "It's cool man. It's real fun, just getting out here to play football again. It's been awhile so it's good to get out here and get back in the swing of everything and start learning the offense." On Norm Chow:

"He's real, real cool, but he's particular. He wants what he wants. Everything's got to be in place. It's cool, but he demands a lot out of us, and I think that's what's really going to turn this program around in the long run."

On the number of people at the running back position:

"We're all great running backs. You just got to bide your time. Kahlil Bell is great, Raymond Carter is great, Chane Moline's great. Those guys have been here, they've been working for it, so you kind of have to just sit back and watch and learn from the older guys. When you get your chance, you just got to run at it. I'm just ready to play. The only thing I can do is keep working, and whenever they call my number, be ready to do whatever I can do."

On Tennessee:

"I'm excited. I'm just hoping that I can help out. Like I said, if they call my number, I just want to be ready. I know it's going to be a great game. I'm confident in my teammates and the coaching staff, and I think we have a chance to really be good and really have a chance to beat them if we just focus on what we're doing and get all our mental stuff right. So I'm excited about it, man. It really don't get too much better than that. Monday night football, it's going to be crazy. The only game on television, so it's going to be nice."

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