USC Game Leaves UCLA Football in No-Man's Land

After the latest USC debacle, you have incensed fans on one side of the spectrum, and you have those close to the football program on the other side. The more accurate and reasonable position is probably in the No-Man's Land in the middle...

No Bruin fan needs to go through a blow-by-blow analysis of that game. Particularly me.


And it seems that there are bigger issues on the minds of UCLA football fans since Saturday afternoon.


Those bigger issues are the status of Head Coach Bob Toledo's job and the direction of the program.


No-Man's Land....


There is a huge schism between what diehard Bruin fans are thinking right now and what's going on at the Morgan Center. There are those close to the program that insist everything is fine in the program and that most fans are the extreme, negative fringe.  Admittedly, there is a huge void between the views expressed on the Internet by fans and those within the Morgan Center.  But that's the way you would expect it to be, right?  Fans, on and off the Internet, tend to be toward the obsessive side.  Generally their views might be a little knee-jerk and emotional at times. And on the other side of the equation, we know that just about everyone in the Morgan Center is going to be a company man and tow the line.


So, you would assume that maybe the truth lies somewhere in between.  And I guess it's this site's job to dwell in that no-man's land. 


It's a no-man's land since there is no real way to placate either side.  If you write something somewhere in the middle, it definitely tends to rile up the Morgan Center. And it definitely angers the fans since they feel you're spinning for the Morgan Center and not their voice.


But in this case, after UCLA's big loss to USC, I believe the real place of truth and accuracy is actually in that no-man's land.


There are those close to the program that insist Toledo is not on the hotseat.  There are many fans that insist his seat should be on fire.  The real truth is probably somewhere in the middle. 


Here's the reality of the situation.  On one hand, you might have a good case to replace Toledo, if you look at his record in the last 3 ½ years. The program has had three disappointing seasons in a row before this one.  It's lost to USC four years in a row, and the last two being the worst back-to-back losses in the series since 1930. There are also issues about Toledo's ability to run a program, from play-calling and game management to controlling his players off-the-field,  and garnering their support and respect.  From the fan's perspective, there is a general feeling that the program might be on a downward spiral.  


While the Morgan Center might insist that everything is still fine for the future, and in recruiting, there were some pretty strong signs that it wasn't before this loss. And if anyone in the Morgan Center tells you that recruiting is still fine after this loss, then they've designated themselves as someone whose opinions you have to take with a huge grain of salt.  The reality here is that UCLA is going to more than likely struggle this year in football recruiting.  With the loss against USC, it's not hard to see that UCLA will be a tougher sell to recruits, and Toledo's job status will definitely be an issue.


A digression: 


One issue concerning this that has to be discussed – and is completely preposterous.  The issue that the Internet – Internet website reports or the fans' chatter on Internet message boards – is to blame for any problems that this program is experiencing.  It's been set forth, on both the football and basketball side of the Morgan Center, that the pessimism of UCLA fans in recent years is at least partially to blame for some of the problems the two programs are experiencing, especially in presenting a bad front to potential prospects in recruiting.  That is the biggest pile of horse crap ever.  Get this straight: UCLA fans are, yes, a bit disgruntled, but compared to fans of other schools such as Kentucky, Alabama, Nebraska and such, UCLA fans are some of the most forgiving in the nation.  What would Michigan fans be like if, say, the Wolverines had lost to Ohio State in their rivalry game two years in a row in the manner UCLA has lost to USC?  What would h

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