VIDEO: Neuheisel on Practice Friday

Head Coach Rick Neuheisel talked Friday pretty candidly about the performance of the offense and quarterback Kevin Craft, addressed the issue of the ever-juggled offensive line and who are the known starters there, and more...

The team practiced strictly in jersey, shorts and helmets Friday, for a light practice.

Rick Neuheisel said he was disappointed in the offense in practice and that Kevin Craft generally struggled.

Ryan Moya sat out with a hip pointer and Brigham Harwell with back spasms. Neither were considered serious.

There was a lot of juggling on the O-line. Right now, according to Neuheisel, Micah Reed and Nick Ekbatani are the only certain starters for the Tennessee game.

The team will have a light walk-through at the Rose Bowl on Saturday but it is closed to the media. Sunday there is no practice, so they'll resume Monday afternoon.

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