"Play Each Game as an Underdog"

UCLA junior defensive end Korey Bosworth talked at practice Wednesday about the challenge of facing BYU's offense, his recent injury, trying to tackle BYU running back Harvey Unga, and being an underdog...

Defensive end Korey Bosworth's comments at practice Wednesday.

How has practice gone this week?

It's good. We're keeping up the intensity, getting ready for BYU. "

Are you healthy?

Yeah. I tweaked my ankle the other day in practice, but it's coming back strong and I was able to go through the whole practice today."

Do you feel like the defensive line is the strength of the defense?

Up front, that's the most important thing for our defense, but we still need the guys in the back end to hold their own."

Does it feel like a rivalry against BYU?

You talking about the series we got going on right now, the 1-1? Yeah, well, we kind of owe it to them. We're going to bring it as hard as we can, to get that 2-1. That Vegas game is still sitting in the back of our minds, definitely."

What about their running back, Harvey Unga? What does he do well?

Yeah, he is fast. The first time we played him, he was surprisingly fast. The second time we did not underestimate him as much. But he is a power back for sure, and we have really got to wrap up on him and drive our feet to tackle him to the ground."

He's struggled a little bit against you guys. Is there anything you did in particular to stop him?

We really put emphasis on running to the ball and gang tackling. Going up against a back like that, everybody has got to get to the ball and hold on. He's a big dude."

Is it more important to pressure Max Hall because of his accuracy and experience?

Not really. We try to get a lot of pressure on the ball no matter who we play, freshman or first time starter, veteran. I thought Hall was only a second year... Well they're all like 30, I guess. So I'd call that a veteran. But we'll play him like we did in the last two games and really try to bring pressure, and close that pocket."

Was the elevation in Utah ever a problem for you in the past?

Oh man, I don't want to say that was the worst game for me, but it was one of them. Just going up there in that altitude, the thin air, it's hard to breath. And you get excited and your adrenaline starts pumping and you're trying to breath, but there's just nothing up there. And BYU is used to it. But we've been running a lot of conditioning for that, and we just came off a bye week. We have two weeks under our belt to be ready."

What's the biggest difference with this year's defense?

"All these guys, we came into UCLA together, with the exception of a couple. But we all have strong a relationship, and we can really trust each other to do each other's assignments and responsibilities. We pretty much all came in in 2005."

Are you surprised to be ten point underdogs, even after beating Tennessee?

I mean, they're going to say what they're going to say. You just have to play each game as an underdog. You've got everybody going up against you and you've got you're teammates and your coaching staff. They're the only ones pulling for you."

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