Neuheisel on Wednesday

Head Coach Rick Neuheisel talked Wednesday after practice about the running game, the team's psyche and resiliency, and the status of the various running backs and their injuries, including starter Kahlil Bell...

Rick Neuheisel's opening statement:

"Spirited practice today. As we're trying to rev up this running game we run into glitches. Everybody gets excited and all that stuff. As I've told everybody, hard work is our ally, frustration is our enemy. We can't get frustrated. You've got to keep working through it, and then you're going to like the end result. I loved the effort, where everybody's at. Hopefully it will lead to a great effort Saturday."

What's the status on Kahlil Bell?

"He could go. It will really will be on me.  Khalil wants to go. I haven't made up my mind as to whether or not I will let him. Just because it's a long year, it's only week three. It will be a game-time decision. I don't want to take one step forward and then two steps back. That gets really frustrating. If we're going to turn the corner, we'd like to get all of our guys back. You just gotta let bodies heal, you just have to wait and see. If we were playing today he would not play."

What's the status on Marcus Everett?

He's getting better. I'm hoping he'll be ready for next week. We'll just wait and see, it's kind of a similar situation."

Can you talk about the note John Wooden sent you?

It's a beautifully hand-written note from the great John Wooden that basically just told me that he and his family were thrilled that I was the new head coach, and that they were going to pull for me in every way. And then, in his unique way of providing wisdom, he said that there will be peaks and valleys... There's a wise guy. I'm having the letter framed. It will be in my office. It's a great memento. Not everybody gets a letter from John Wooden."

Are you concerned about the team's psyche?

You're always concerned about it, but this is a great chance to teach psyche and teach resiliency and competitiveness and what that means in your whole life. I'm a firm believer in 'tough times don't last, tough people do.' And this is a great opportunity to learn from our mistakes, but also show the mental discipline and the self control to forget about it and move on."

Does it help to have three games at home?

We take them one at a time. I think home is an advantage, there's no question. Hopefully that will be the case this Saturday."

Is Raymond Carter fine?

He will definitely be ready."

Nelson Rosario?

"Nelson practiced today. He may be ready Saturday."

What about Aundre Dean?

He's probably in that range between probable and doubtful. I would love to see him do a little bit more tomorrow. Carter will be ready, Moline will be ready and then Coleman is also available. "

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