Walker: "We've Got to Fight"

UCLA's Defensive Coordinator, DeWayne Walker, talked about overcoming last week's performance against BYU, getting some young players time on the field, trying to bring more pressure on opposing quarterbacks, and what challenges Arizona's offense presents...

Interview with Defensive Coordinator DeWayne Walker:

What are you trying to do in order to bounce back after BYU?

Just play hard and execute. That's all you can do. We've got some adjustments we need to make, but we've just got to bounce back."

Is there anything specific you're doing to try to get more pressure, will Datone Jones play more?

We're going to try to give Datone Jones a little bit more of a chance this week. We're going to make some adjustments. I think BYU did a good job. In our first game we hit the quarterback. And I think BYU did a good job getting rid of the ball, Max Hall got rid of the ball real good and real fast. We just didn't execute our coverage all the time. I just thought BYU had a good game plan."

What about Chinonso Anyanwu at defensive end?

Yeah, he'll play more. (Defensive line) Coach Howard does a good job rotating his guys. And Anyanwu has done a good job of getting pressure when he has played."

How much does losing Kyle Bosworth hurt?

Obviously it's going to hurt because he was one of our better guys. It's going to be a blow. But (linebacker) coach Bullough does a good job with the linebackers, and we're going to try some different combinations and see what happens."

How much confidence do you have in Steve Sloan?

Well, he had a good camp and a good spring. Every time he's had a chance to play he's done well. This is the first time we'll see what he really can do in a game atmosphere."

Will Akeem Ayers play more and what's your impression of his play so far?

We got to get these young guys in. They're going to have to start playing. Rick (Neuheisel) and the defensive coaches, we knew that there was going to be a time when these young guys would have to play. It's a little earlier than what we expected, but they got to get it going. Ayers is just a good athlete. He moves around and he plays fast. He's a strong kid. He lacks experience, and he got a chance to play last week and he made some mistakes. But we gotta let him play. You have to play through it when you're young."

What about the decision to start Rahim Moore?

Again, he made some mistakes. But he makes plays for us. He'll miss some tackles or some assignments. But, then again, he makes up for it with some of the plays that he makes."

Will Jerzy Siewierski be ready?

We're going to wait and see. Right now we're trying to get him back healthy and we're keeping our fingers crossed. Hopefully we can get him back."

What does Arizona do well offensively?

ey spread you out to throw the ball and then their runinng ack is real good. They can get into their tighter looks and run the ball, so it's going to be a challenge in the running game and the passing game."

Has the defense gotten past last week's loss?

ou know, it's funny. It's not the first time, in terms of us having bad games. We've had bad games and guys have bounced back. To a certain degree, we've been here before. We've got to fight like we have in the past."

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