DB Prospect on the Rise

Van Nuys Birmingham's <b>Chad Green</b> has seen his recruiting skyrocket. Many believe he could be one of the best cornerback prospects in SoCal, and UCLA, along with other Pac-10 schools, are interested...

Chad Green, 6-0, 180, Van Nuys (Calif.) Birmingham, is one of the most under-hyped defensive backs in Southern California.

Green's stock might have been hurt a bit by a concern for his academics. But now, having scored a 940 on his SAT, the chances are that Green will qualify. He currently has about a 2.4 core GPA, which gets him qualified by the NCAA sliding scale. 

While some college coaches and some recruiting services weren't hyping him that much, some others who had seem him quite a bit believed he was one of the most talented defensive back prospects in the west. For a cornerback, has good size at about 6-0, and is put together well, has very good quickness and is very physical.

Green has already taken an official visit to Oregon State, which he took in September. Now, though, with so much new interest from other schools, the Beavers have dropped off his list of favorites.  "I'd say my favorites are LSU, Washington, Oregon and UCLA," Green said.  "I really don't have a leader among those, but LSU, Washington and UCLA might be slightly ahead."

All of his favorites have offered, except UCLA.  "They're talking about it," Green said. "I talk to (UCLA) coach (Gary) Bernardi. They told me that they're really looking into it, and they thought they'd be giving me a scholarship offer really soon. They had said before that they wanted to get me through their admissions process. But coach Bernardi talked to my college counselor at school and he told her that if I keep my grades up I can get in."


Green was supposed to trip to LSU this weekend, but had to cancel because his Birmingham team is still alive in the playoffs and practiced Saturday.  "I'll most likely reschedule the LSU trip for January.  I think I'll also trip to Oregon in January. I'm supposed to visit Washington on December 13th, but I might have to reschedule that, too (if Birmingham is still in the playoffs at the time)," he said.  Green said he has some loose intentions for the last visit. "I'm keeping it open right now," he said. "In case there's a school I want to visit at the time."  When asked if he could visit UCLA, Green said that he might, but "probably wouldn't" since he could visit the Westwood campus any time unofficially, and said he was very familiar already with the school.


Green is, in fact, pretty familiar with UCLA. One of his best friends is teammate and UCLA commit Dennis Keyes.  Green said that Keyes going to UCLA has influenced him a bit. "He talks to me about UCLA. We've been to a UCLA game together. I also went to one without him.  We've always talked about playing in college together, to get into the same program.  Before anyone starting recruiting us, we both said we'd like to play together. So, he is influential. "


If UCLA offered might that change his favorite list? "I don't think so," he said. "It wouldn't really rank them higher at this point.  But it would improve my idea of them since then I would know I could go there."


UCLA would have the advantage of being the one school that's very close to home for Green. "That's not really that big a deal. I mean, it's always an added advantage. My family wouldn't have to go far to watch me play. My parents would like me to stay close. But my mom really has no preference. She just wants me to get a good education."


Green also cited some other factors that will be key in his decision. "I'm looking for a program that gels – a coaching staff that really knows what they're doing and has a good relationship with the players. It's a winning program and has a good rep."


Green and Birmingham beat Fairfax in the City CIF quarterfinals last week, 35-14, and Green had a pretty spectacular game.  Playing receiver, he had five catches for 88 yards and two touchdown receptions. On defense, he had an interception that he returned 103 yards for a touchdown. "It was just one of those plays," he said. "I caught it three yards deep in the end zone. It was even to the short side of the field. It was just an instinctive kind of thing and I just found room straight up the sideline."


On the season, Green has about 40 receptions for approximately 1100 yards and 17 touchdowns. On the defensive side, he has four interceptions.  Having such a big year as a receiver, Green said that most programs are recruiting him as either an athlete or a cornerback.


Birmingham will face Gardena in the semi-final this week, and then probably see a rematch with rival Taft for the final. Birmingham has already lost pretty convincingly this season to Taft, but Green said he can't look past this week to the rematch. "It's a semi-final this week so it's a big game in its own right. If we don't win it, we never get the chance at the rematch, so I'm focused right now on that."

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