Neuheisel on Wednesday

Head Coach Rick Neuheisel talked about the improved practice Wednesday, the status of some of the injured, including wide receiver Marcus Everett, and how it's been trying to get that second win...

Rick Neuheisel's post-practice comments:

"Excellent practice today. The kids came out, worked hard, got through another hot day. But there was nobody feeling sorry for themselves. The tempo was what we needed and I feel good about our plans. Hopefully we will get a great day tomorrow of crisp work and feel like we are inching towards having a great effort on Saturday night."

What does Chane Moline allow you to do at fullback?

He's got great knowledge of pass protection. He has the ability to catch the ball out of the backfield. He's knowledgeable and even when we are in a one-back formation we can still hand the ball off to him. We don't lose anything. I think he fits up really well as a fullback. We may have had too many plays of that a week ago, but he's a durable kid and we're glad to have him."

Does he give you more versatility?

You know, I thought Trevor Theriot was pretty good, but maybe, maybe a hair. Just because I think Chane can also be the one-back. "

How did Marcus Everett look today?

A week away. God bless him for trying, but he's probably a week away. That's a tough injury -- dislocated big toe. Everbody just imagine the pain with a dislocated big toe."

What about the tailback situation behind Kahlil Bell?

Derrick Coleman and Raymond Carter, and then Aundre Dean."

At a certain point does preparing for the future go ahead of winning right away?

No, no, no. You're always preparing for the future. Every time you come to practice somebody is going to benefit for the future. Your focus is always on the next task, which is the Washington State game. As long as we will work as hard as we can to give everything we can Saturday night, that will be in a reservoir for later. We understand we need to play well and play well now."

Do you tell the freshmen anything specifically to maintain that focus?

That this is big time college football and enjoy the heck out of it. But the way to enjoy it is to do it well, and I think that everybody can work a little harder in terms of preparing themselves. I don't think the effort level is off. I think we can prepare mentally more for practices and then consequently have more to give on game day. We've got to get guys to have more anticipation skills, and a lot of that is just one-on-one conversations with coaches, just come and ask more questions, look at tape and ask more and you'll learn more about the game. The more you learn about the game, the more you can start to anticipate what's going to happen. Great players are great players because of that anticipation."

How hard has it been, trying to get that second win?

Well, it's taken longer than I had hoped. But I'm hoping we don't have to wait much longer. It would be great if we could celebrate again, but it's going to take a great effort on Saturday."

Are you satisfied with the deep passing game?

No. I don't think that we have gotten the ball down the field enough. We've hit a couple fades but I'd like to see us stretch the field. But you can't just say you're going to do it and then go do it, you have to look for opportunities and then take advantage."

Are there any ill effects from the heat the past two days?

That may be why we are a little quiet out here. I think it's a lot of heat and when you're on the turf it's even hotter. But I'm not overly concerned about it, we're going to get in the cold tubs the next couple days and see if we can get everybody's legs back."

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