Taylor Talks About Start

True freshman wide receiver Junior Taylor answers some questions about making his first career start this Saturday against Washington State...

Freshman wide receiver Junior Taylor will make his first career start Saturday against Washington State.


How do you feel about your first start?


"I'm excited about it, looking forward to it. I've been waiting for the opportunity and I want to try to make the best of it."


How do you feel about your season so far? Were you satisfied with the opportunities you were given?


"No and Yes. A little of both. At the beginning they brought me in slowly. They wanted me to learn everything. So they brought me in slowly. But I feel I could have done a little bit more. With a little more opportunities I think I could have done more for the team. So, I'm kind of in between. That's the way I feel right now."


Do you think you are now where the coaches wanted you to be?


"I know I'm there now. They wanted me to know the offense. Maybe if I would have got here earlier, it would have happened earlier. And then I might have done a lot more this season."


How you feel physically after your first season?


"I've been pretty healthy this whole season. Right now my feet are starting to hurt. I'm real flat-footed so my feet start to hurt. I've stopped wearing cleats in practice, and I'm now wearing turf shoes. Just to take off some of the pressure on my feet. I'll got two days of turf shoes and one day of cleats. That's really the only injury I've had pretty much this season."


Coach Toledo talks about seizing the opportunity when it comes. Do you think of this as your opportunity to seize?


"I believe so. I haven't really gotten many balls. And I feel every time I have touched the ball I've done something good with it. So, this is my opportunity, maybe three or four times this game, to showcase my talent and ability."


What do you know about Washington State defensively?


"Trufant is a great player, an all Pac-10 corner. Their secondary is going to be tough. They have the best defense in the Pac-10, stat-wise. It's going to be a good challenge for us. They play the cover 8. So, it will be a good challenge. All of their defensive backs are great cover guys, with speed."


Do you have confidence in your quarterbacks?


"I have confidence in both of them. In all the quarterbacks. Whoever takes the snaps. We're used to all of them now."


Do you feel that you need a win in this game to make the season successful?


"No and yes. Either way the season will be a success to me. But it would be good to get to eight wins. Nobody here has been to eight wins in a while. So, having eight wins, and possibly a nine-win season, if you look across the nation, there aren't too many teams that will have nine wins. So, yeah, this game will definitely help make it a successful season."


Looking further down the line, what you think about the future of the team?


"I'm really excited about it. We played 23 freshmen this year. If we keep progressing, work hard in the off-season, get more experience, we'll all be improved and ready next year. I'm looking forward to it. Next year I think this team will be really good, I believe."

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