Siddoway Talks About Official Visits

Eugene (Ore.) Sheldon offensive lineman Charles Siddoway has visited two Golden State programs officially, including UCLA, and he talks about his trips and the remainder of his recruiting schedule...

Eugene (Ore.) Sheldon offensive tackle Charles Siddoway, the top offensive lineman in the Pacific Northwest, has already taken his first two official visits, both to California schools, and he's still got three more that he's planning to visit.

Siddoway visited UCLA the weekend of the Fresno State game and was at California the following weekend when they hosted Arizona State.

Both visits went well for Siddoway, who has yet to set the dates of his other three trips.

"I liked my visit to UCLA a lot, it was really great," said Siddoway. "The first night Andrew Abbott and Damien Holmes were my hosts and the second night it was Nate Chandler. I got to talk to a lot of the coaches quite a bit because I was the only recruit on my visit."

Those coaches included Rick Neuheisel, the head coach, and offensive line coach Bob Palcic as well as his recruiter, Tim Hauck.

"I really liked them both. They said they want me to play tackle and that I just need to get stronger and I could probably play early. It was my first time on campus and it was really nice and the area was really nice."

The following weekend, Siddoway went to Berkeley to visit Cal.

"I liked Cal quite a bit, it's a great school in a cool area," said Siddoway. "Justin Cheadle was my host on that visit and we got along great. I got to meet with Coach (Jeff) Tedford and he seems like a great coach and is pretty nice. Coach (Ron) Gould is who is recruiting me and they also want me to play tackle."

Siddoway kept last weekend free from an official visit, but made the short drive to Autzen Stadium to see Oregon play UCLA.

"It was pretty exciting at the game, I enjoyed it," said Siddoway. "I might take an official visit to Oregon, but I'm not sure, just because I've been there a lot."

The other three visits Siddoway plans to take are up in the air, though he's almost certain to visit Alabama.

"Yeah, it's looking like I'll be going to Alabama the weekend they play Auburn, so that is pretty exciting," said Siddoway.

For now, though, Siddoway said just four teams are in play, though that may change.

"Right now, my top four schools are Cal, Oregon, Alabama and UCLA," said Siddoway.

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