Neuheisel on Tuesday's Practice

After two days off, the team returns to Spaulding Field and Head Coach Rick Neuheisel talks about his satisfaction with the practice. He also talked about the quarterback situation, the status of Ben Olson and his potential return, and more...

Rick Neuheisel's comments:
"Good day of work. The guys are eager and I think we understand the task at hand given the last month of the season, that we've got to play our best football to have any hope of playing beyond that. It would be, as I just told them, criminal if we didn't come together and get that done, because we're very, very fortunate to either be playing or working here at UCLA. And to squander the opportunity that we have regardless of the circumstances and not play our best would be something we all should be ashamed of. Hopefully we'll get to that great kind of effort and we'll play our best football and hopefully that will be good enough to springboard us into postseason."
On development of Taylor Embree:

I think Taylor's done a great job. He's like a lot of our young players; He's kind of come onto the scene, he's been given an opportunity (and) he's made the most of it. There's no question there's a tremendous upside. I don't think he's a finished product, but in terms of where your career starts, that's a good place to start."
Who can you compare Embree to:

He reminds me a little bit of Karl Dorrell. Karl was a freshman here when I was a junior. Very smooth, just a playmaking guy. Not that electric speed, but certainly the ability to kind of set things up, very cerebral. Reminds me a lot of Karl."
On the quarterback situation:

There's no news flashes at the quarterback position. We're going to see if Ben Olson is able to start maybe taking some reps this week. He's come to me and said he'd like to at least try. I thought Kevin Craft looked good today. Chris Forcier will be getting some opportunities to do some different things within the offense. But nothing to report in terms of changes or radical shifts in what we do."
On Olson's status:

He's been cleared to acclerate where he is, but I'm not sure he's ready. But he'd like to at least get into the fray a little bit."
On if it is realistic Olson can return for Oregon State:

"I don't know what is realistic. I thought it was realistic he'd be ready after the time during the summer, and all of a sudden there we were. I know for one I'm going to be a little tenative because I don't certainly want the same thing to happen again."
On adjusting to game speed:

"That's hard. That'll take a little while. I would be very, very, very optimistic to think he'd be ready for the next game."
On improvments in play on road:

"I thought we played hard again, especially on the defense. The effort was there on offense but it's hard to say anything other than it wasn't up to what we needed it to be. But I thought our defense played really heroically for three and a half quarters. Unfortunately we weren't able to do the same on offense and the game got away from us late. But if we can play that kind of effort on our defense the rest of the way and shore up our offense and manage some sort of running game, then I think we have a chance for a great last month."
On working Olson into the gameplan:

"You work him during this week and see where he is. And I'm speaking off the cuff because we're asking the questions. This is my assumption. Now, he may come out and electrify the place on Thursday. And who knows, then we might be having a different conversation. I'm just telling you, in my mind having laid off as a player myself and then try to come back up to game speed, it's a very difficult transition."
On Forcier sharing some time:

"We haven't made any final decisions there. We think Chris has a role in our offense. I'm not sure how extensive."

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