Forcier: "Just Stay Positive"

The redshirt freshman quarterback, Chris Forcier, told us Tuesday how his mindset has changed a bit recently, how he and the team are going about bouncing back from the loss to Cal, what they need to do to become bowl eligible, and more...

We spoke with redshirt freshman quarterback Chris Forcier at practice Tuesday.

Thoughts on practice:
"For myself, I don't think I was too happy with it. Overall as a team, I think we came out a little slow, slow off the loss, I think. Everyone's trying to get dragged back into it, but we picked it up towards the end and that's what matters, coming together. For myself, wasn't too happy but I'm just going to watch film, see what I can fix, and listen to coach (Norm) Chow."
On bouncing back from the loss:

"Just coming out everyday, staying positive. You got to move on. The game's over, so we got to think about Oregon State right now. We still got a shot to make a bowl game, so we just got to push, stay together and be positive."
On any change in his mentality:

"I guess you could say it might change a little bit, but I've been playing here and there until this point. I'm just going to look at it the same way and just go out and do what I can do, and don't force anything, just stay within myself, play within my game, and listen to coaches."
On whether or not he used the Option in high school:

"I played in the spread offense in high school, but my coahes knew we had a lot of good skill players' running ability so we did option and stuff like that. I was mostly in the gun the last two years of high school."
On what the process is during the option play:

"It's all basically who we're reading, either the end or the second level 'backer. If the end comes up, we got to hand it off to a running back. If he comes down, we got to ride the running back, pull it, and you get around the end, option off the second level. It's just all reading."
On the differences of the coaching this year from last year:

"The difference for me is I think I'm getting coached more. Last year I was just running on the scout team. We had Pat (Cowan) and Ben (Olson), and then Osaar (Rasshan) working in with them also, so I was kind of just a freshman redshirt, go to scout team, try to make some things happen, impress the coaches there. This year, it's totally different. I'm learning the offense, being coached one-on-one more. That's what coach Chow and (Rick) Neuheisel have given me."
On what needs to do to become bowl eligible:

"We just have to come out and work hard. That's the best thing that you can do. You just got to push through and work hard, just stay positive. Everything will work out for itself from there."

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