Neuheisel After Tuesday Practice

The head coach, Rick Neuheisel, praised the team Tuesday about their practice, calling it one of the best, while also revealing the three players suspended for the Oregon State game...

Rick Neuheisel's post-practice comments:

"It was maybe our best practice in a good long while. I'm very, very pleased with the way they came back. I was hoping for this and I got it. I think they see how they improve when they look like this so hopefully we're going to get another notch up. I challenged them and told them ‘Let's see if you can take a compliment.' We'll see where they go from there. It was great work today. I'm excited about the effort they gave and hopefully it'll carry into Saturday.

"You're all aware of the three guys that are going to miss the game (Micah Reed, Scott Glicksberg and Jess Ward). The three guys are going to miss the game due to suspension for breaking department rules. Never fun, never good news but important that discipline be administered. We'll leave it at that."


What does that do to your depth?

"It hurts the depth. There's no question that it does. But we've been dealing with that issue for some time now. It's business as usual."


Who slides in at the backup guard spot now?

"Well, you've got Sonny Tevaga and Brandon Bennett."


Injury updates?

"Nelson Rosario has been downgraded to questionable, maybe between questionable and doubtful right now. We're hopeful that he'll heal quickly and be ready in time for some meaningful work either tomorrow or Thursday."


These are definitely just one-game suspensions for the three?

"Just one-game suspensions. They may be on the sideline but they won't be in uniform. I'll have to check what the department rule is. We'll wait and see on that."


Can you give any indication as to the severity of this?

"No, out of respect to the rules in the department, I'm just going to leave it at what's been said."


Any other injuries?

"We had Chase Moline back today and Regginald Stokes was able to do some work on the side and hopefully we can increase that. Chinonsu Anyanwu was in for more tests today. We'll hopefully hear good news and his return and maybe get him back. Baca practiced today and did fine.


Could Baca slide over to guard if he had to on Saturday?

"In an emergency, I could imagine, but you don't like to do that to freshmen."


So, do you think you're set on an offensive line?

"(Laughs) Yeah, we're going to play with who we've got and be excited about it."


How did Ben Olson look today?

"Out of shape, but no worse for wear. It's going to take a lot of this before he's going to get up to game speed. We're going to try to get him a period or two every day until he stops the huffing and puffing. Then we'll see where we're at."


Does his arm look okay?

"Yeah, but if your legs start to fatigue, so does the ball. It's like why pitchers in spring training run those outfield walls back and forth. There's a lot of work to be done. It's fun to see him out there smiling."


You're planning on just using him on the scout team?

"Yeah, that's what he was doing today. He took two periods of that today and he'll keep doing that until he gets back in shape…I don't see anything changing until after the next bye week then we'll just see where we're at."




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