VIDEO: Neuheisel After Practice

Head Coach Rick Neuheisel followed up his praise of Tuesday's practice with more praise Wednesday, talked about preparing for Oregon State's quarterbacks, the depleted depth on UCLA's offensive line, and an injury to one of his assistant coaches...

-- Nate Chandler is back at offensive tackle, due to the lack of depth on the OL this week due to injuries and the suspension of Micah Reed and Scott Glicksberg. Chandler is back to wearing #68. There haven't beeen too many players in memory that have worn three different numbers -- four different times -- in a season. Chandler started out at #89 (TE), switched to #68 (OT), then switched back to TE (#44), and now has switched back to OT (#68).

-- Not only did Kahlil Bell look the best he has all season in practice this week, so has freshman running back Aundre Dean.

-- With Anthony Dye sitting out practice, the nickel back duties fell to both Aaron Ware and Glenn Love.

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