Oklahoma Prospects' Reaction

Oklahoma defensive line prospects and teammates <b>Jared Naylor</b> and <b>Blake Smith</b> received the news of Bob Toledo's firing and provided us their reaction...

Defensive tackle Jared Naylor, 6-3, 270, 4.9, and defensive end Blake Smith, 6-3, 245, 4.7, Tulsa (Okla.) Union, have decided to reschedule their official visits to UCLA for sometime in January when UCLA has its new head coach.


BRO caught up with both players watching Monday Night Football at Naylor's home.


Both Naylor and Smith were heavy leans to UCLA before the firing of Bob Toledo,


Naylor had not set any other visits in anticipation of the UCLA trip this Friday, but things have now changed.  "I am going to wait until they hire a head coach, so I'll probably go out there in January," he said.  When asked if UCLA was still high on his list, Naylor said, "Yeah, they're still pretty high up there."


Naylor said he's had contact with UCLA. "My dad talked to coach (Don) Johnson today. My head coach, coach (Bill) Blankenship, said it would be better to wait so we could actually talk to the head coach when they have one."


Smith didn't hear from Johnson Monday. "Actually, no. I wasn't home all day. After football I had to take care of some things, then I came over to Jared's. My head coach told Jared and me today. He pulled us into his office."


Smith agreed that it looks like both players will trip after New Year's. "I'm pretty sure Jared and I will schedule it for some time in January. As soon as we find out who the head coach is going to be we'll set up the trip. They're still real high on my list. At the top probably."


Union, Student Sports fourth-ranked team in the country and the state's top-rated school, captured the Oklahoma state championship Saturday defeating the state's fifth-rated team Broken Arrow 52-3. What will Naylor do with all his new free time? "I don't know. I'll probably just workout."


The Redskins held Broken Arrow to 25 rushing yards on 25 carries. "It was really better than that. The second team defense gave up a long run just before the end of the game. The first team defense went out with about seven minutes left and we had given up –9 yards rushing," Smith said.

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