Neuheisel on Tuesday's Practice

Head Coach Rick Neuheisel spoke about the lingering injury to Ben Olson, a few others who sat out practice, how an offensive lineman returned to practice after taking time to think about his commitment to football, Kahlil Bell's performance against Washington, and more...

Coach Rick Neuheisel's opening remarks:

"Good practice. Kids were in a good mood, which is always fun coming off a win, but we've got to get serious fast, meaning starting tomorrow. Make sure that tomorrow and Thursday's practices are spirited and intense and help improve the football team so that we can play our best football game in Arizona because it's a huge game for us as it is for them to keep their postseason hopes alive."

On the status of Ben Olson, who's foot injury has lingered:

"He's going to meet with one of our doctors tonight to look at a CT scan that they did over the weekend and we'll know more after that. He was feeling soreness, absolutely."

On Brian Price sitting out practice:

Price, we're just nursing because of the hamstring."

On Sean Westgate sitting out practice:

"Westgate's got a hip flexor that we're also nursing."

On Chase Moline's continuing back issue:

"Moline had scheduled an epidural for his back and decided to go through with it even though he's been able to play. Not sure how long he'll be out."

On Sonny Tevaga taking a week off to think about his future:

That's behind us. I just wanted him to evaluate where football was on his priority list. If it's not high enough, then we have to deal with that. But he and I had another conversation today and he's back at practice and we'll just resume and see where we go from here. I don't know what the travel list will be but I'm going to watch his performance in all facets of the program and we'll see how it goes. He's assured me that it's important."

On Kahlil Bell's performance against Washington:

"It was great to see him go out there and make some plays. I think if he looked at the film, he would say that there was even more to be made. But he was one of our offensive players of the game and I'm hopeful that it leads to more performances that are like that because it's great for Kahlil, but more importantly it's great for us to be able to run the ball and not put so much pressure on the pass protection and throwing game."

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