UCLA On Top Over 2-Year Span

Most recruiting rankings cover just one class, but a few weeks ago we combined the two classes of 2008 and 2009 to determine which programs have recruited the best in the Pac-10 conference and nationally over the last two years, and UCLA looks pretty good. With the signing period over, we updated those statistics...

These statistics were compiled by the BRO Message Board poster, fenwayfrank, on the BRO Premium Hoops Message Board.

Most recruiting rankings measure recruiting one year at a time. 

A few weeks ago we compiled a statistical comparsion of recruiting class rankings over a two-year period of 2008 and 2009.

With November signing period, here's the updated statistical comparisons.

We're basing these rankings, for lack of a better basis, on the star system, and clearly there are flaws.

That said, five points were attributed to every five star recruit and four to the four stars in the 2008 class (current college freshmen) and 2009 class (arriving nest fall).  These two classes will form the heart of most program's teams in the next few years.

The numbers are the total of five star and four star recruits, and the combined point total.

Pac 10

UCLA  3/7=43
UW      1/4=21
USC     1/1= 9
ASU     0/1=4
AZ       0/1=4
Cal       0/1=4
OSU     0/1=4
UO       0/1=4
WSU    0/1=4
Stan    0/0=0

 National Top 20

UCLA     3/7=43
UNC       4/4=36
Kansas    2/5=30
Florida    1/6=29
Memphis 2/4=26
Duke       4/1=24
UConn    2/3=22
UK         1/4=21
Louisville 1/4=21
Georgia   1/4=21
FSU       1/4=21
MSU      1/4=21
Minn       0/5=20
Wake     2/2=18
WVU     2/2=18
Texas      2/2=18
Tenn       1/3=17
Vandy    0/4=16
Maryland 0/4=16
Ohio St   2/1=14

Under achievers

Georgetown      13
Pitt                   13
Illinois              12
Villanova         12
Syracuse            8
Wisconsin          8
LSU                    8
Notre Dame        0
Gonzaga             0

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