VIDEO: Howland's Press Conference

Head Coach Ben Howland talked about how he's managing the team and practices during finals week, the preparation for playing DePaul in the Wooden Classic Saturday, how freshmen like Drew Gordon, J'mison Morgan and Jerime Anderson are doing, and more...

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For clarification:

Coach Howland had commented recently that his team this season wasn't doing well on its defensive rebounding.

In the last exchange in the interview, I asked Coach Howland why he thought the team might be struggling with defensive rebounding.

When he referred to me looking at the Pac-10 stat sheet during the interview, I cited the "Defensive Rebounds" stat, in which UCLA is listed 9th in the Pac-10 in defensive rebounds (21.3). Coach Howland then referred to another stat, the "Rebounding Defense" stat. Rebounding Defense is, actually, misnamed, since the stat is how many rebounds opposing teams are averaging against you per game, and has nothing to do with your own defensive rebounds.

Ben Howland's Press Conference:

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