Trey Brown A Bruin Regardless

The committed defensive back, Trey Brown, the son of former UCLA great Theotis Brown, reconfirmed his commitment to UCLA...

Trey Brown III, 5-11, 185, 4.5, Blue Valley (Kansas) Northwest, said he will definitely be honoring his commitment to UCLA despite the firing of head coach Bob Toledo.


The son of former Bruin running back Theotis "Bigfoot" Brown, Trey said he wants to play for UCLA no matter who is chosen to be the head coach. "I am still going to UCLA. I really hadn't heard much about what was going on with finding a new head coach. I was going there for the school and education, not just the head coach."


As far as who his father thought would make a great head coach at UCLA, he threw out the names of New York Giants defensive coordinator and former Bruin cornerback Johnnie Lynn as well as former UCLA assistant coach and Kansas City Chiefs defensive coordinator Greg Robinson. "Walt Harris also recruited me when he was an assistant at Cal," Theotis said.


Theotis said he has seen it before and wouldn't be surprised to have coaches try and contact Trey. "Now we will probably get calls from other schools that wanted Trey before he committed to UCLA. They'll be saying, ‘Hey, they're changing coaches. What do you want now?' I know Trey wants to go to UCLA no matter who is head coach. He'll have a great experience and get a wonderful education."

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