Players Prepared for NBA Under Howland

Since Ben Howland has been the head coach at UCLA, he's sent a very impressive amount of players to the NBA. Here's a statistical comparison of some of the country's best programs of how they prepare their players for the NBA...

For high school recruits today, one of the biggest factors in their decision is how a college coach and program will prepare them for the NBA. Even if they aren't NBA material, it very well might be the biggest factor for recruits making their college choice.

A poster on our message board, fenwayfrank, did some excellent research in regard to preparing players for the NBA during Ben Howland's tenture at UCLA, and comparing it to other prominent college coaches and programs.

Howland's first recruiting class was the high school of 2004.  Since that time he has signed 19 players (not counting the 2010 class that signed this November and are still high school seniors) --  11 are on this year's team, five are in the NBA, one is playing professionally elsewhere, and two have transferred.

Here are some intriguing stats of the five ex-Bruins under Howland who are currently playing in the NBA.  Emphasized are minutes per game  as a good indicator of their value to their NBA team, while also listed are PPG and RPG. 

Below are average minutes/PPG/RPG:


Russell Westbrook                      29/13/4
Luc Richard Mbah a Moute          27/9/7
Kevin Love                                  23/8/8
Farmar                            20/8/2
Arron Afflalo                               17/5/2

Total                                          116/43/23

Below are the statistics of six other major programs that have had the same coach since Howland joined UCLA, including only the players who emerged from the high school class of 2004 or later:

North Carolina

Marvin Williams                          35/14/6
Wright                         17/8/4

Total                                          52/22/10


Josh McRoberts                          9/2/2
DeMarcus Nelson                       13/4/2

Total                                          22/6/4


Rudy Gay                                   37/20/6

Total                                         37/20/6


Al Horford                                 33/11/9
Joakim Noah                            17/4/5
Brewer                           20/6/3
Speights                  15/8/4

Total                                       85/29/21


Derrick Rose                            38/17/4
Chris Douglas-Roberts            13/3/0
Dorsey                             2/1/0

Total                                       53/21/4


Kevin Durant                           38/23/5
LaMarcus Aldridge                   35/17/7
D.J. Augustin                           29/12/2
Gibson                          24/9/2

Total                                       126/61/16

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