Neuheisel Taking DC Search Slow

With the departure of DeWayne Walker, UCLA Head Coach Rick Neuheisel is taking the process of finding his replacement slowly. There are a number of names being mentioned, the most prominent being the current Montana Head Coach, Bob Hauck...

Bobby Hauck, the head coach of Montana, is a primary candidate to be Rick Neuheisel's next defensive coordinator, sources have indicated.

Hauck just finished his sixth year as the Grizzlie's head man, and has had great success in Missoula. He's 66-16 over that time span, and he's led Montana to six D-1AA playoffs in a row. He's arguably the most successful coach in Montana football history. Hauck, of course, is the brother of Tim Hauck, UCLA's current safeties coach. He was on the staff when Neuheisel was the head coach at both Washington and Colorado. The Neuheisel-Hauck connection goes way back, in fact, to when Neuheisel was on the UCLA staff of Terry Donahue in the early 1990s and Hauck was a graduate assistant.

At Washington he worked as the defensive backs and special teams coach, and at Colorado he also coached special teams, along with the safeties. While Montana's head coach, he also coaches their special teams.

The issue with Hauck is whether he should leave a successful stint at D 1-AA. Sources are indicating that it's likely he would make more money as UCLA's defensive coordinator, in the $300,000 to $400,000 range.

There is speculation that UCLA's special teams coach, Frank Gansz, Jr., could leave the program to return to the NFL. Hauck, with his special teams coaching experience, would possibly take over those responsibilities also for UCLA. It would enable UCLA to possibly hire a tight ends coach.

Neuheisel, from what we've learned, is in no hurry to name a defensive coordinator. Even with UCLA having perhaps its biggest recruiting weekend in a few days, Neuheisel is "taking it slow," as a source told us.

He is reportedly looking into possible candidates from the NFL.

Also on the current short list of candidates is current UCLA linebacker coach Chuck Bullough, who has done an excellent job at UCLA in his three seasons. Neuheisel, sources are telling us, greatly respects Bullough, who spent five years in various coaching capacities with the Chicago Bears, and Neuheisel reportedly likes Bullough's pro coaching experience.

The other name that continues to be mentioned is Rick Hunley, the former college and NFL coach who currently works as an assistant to UCLA Offensive Coordinator Norm Chow.

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