UCLA Recruits at UnderArmour Game

UCLA was well-represented at last Sunday's UnderArmour All-American game, with four committed players and two more recruits UCLA is pursuing aggressively participating. Here's a look at how the UCLA recruits did during the UnderArmour activities...

Richard Brehaut

Richard Brehaut (UCLA Commit)

Brehaut didn't have the best of games, throwing two interceptions, but of the six quarterbacks in Orlando, he probably was the most consistent throughout the week.

What made him stand out was his ability to make all the throws, especially in the short and intermediate routes, and he does a good job of staying patient in the pocket.  Brehaut does a good job going through his progressions and making the smart throw.  He also did a good job during the week of making a play with his feet when the protection collapsed or the coverage prevented a pass from being made.

He solidified his standing as one of the top 10 quarterbacks in the country.


Roby Toma

Roby Toma (UCLA Commit)

Toma was the last addition to Team Black and at times during the week, he probably felt like the last guy picked.  In the all-star game setting, quarterbacks tend to lock onto the bigger, explosive receivers from the first day and stay that way through the week, and that was the case with Toma, who rarely got to do much but run routes.

When the ball did come his way, he showed a willingness to fight for the ball in traffic, and did a real good job of coming back to the ball.  He reminds of the way that Terrence Austin performed in San Antonio a couple years ago, in that there may not have been a pure route runner on his team during the week, he just got overshadowed by the big play guys.

Still, Toma got his in the end, winning the WR portion of the Skills Challenge, then paying homage to another good "small" receiver in Wes Welker, by doing a mock snow angel.


Stan Hasiak

Stan Hasiak (UCLA Commit)

Hasiak had some real flashes during the week where he showed why so many West Coast schools covet him.  There were also some times where he showed he was still a little raw, specifically in pass protection.

A natural tackle, Hasiak spent most of the week playing inside, and in fairness to Hasiak, and the other inside lineman for Team White, they had to block Gary Brown, the Florida bound defensive tackle who may have wrapped up #1-DT honors nationally.  Hasiak needs to use his feet better in pass protection and do a better job with his hand placement.  In run blocking, which they didn't do much of during the week, he was much sharper, and does a good job getting to his defender and driving them back.

Watching him during the week, he looks like he may need to redshirt a year to work on his technique, but if he sticks with his UCLA commit, he may not get that luxury.

Morrell Presley

Morrell Presley (UCLA Commit)

The #1 tight end in the country spent the whole week working with receivers and all he did was show why he's thought so highly of and considered that elite hybrid type tight end.

The first thing you notice is when Presley is in the slot, how much of a physical presence he is.  Think about the 2005 season when UCLA finally gave Marcedes Lewis a chance to play in the slot, especially at the goalline and how he was a matchup nightmare.  That's the dimension Presley brings.

He's extremely quick, especially for his size, and he catches everything.  On the last day of practice, he made three diving catches and what he does real well is comes back to the ball and is able to get low to dig out shorter thrown balls.

Since he played receiver all week, we didn't get to really see him block, but Presley isn't going to be wasted like Lewis was for three years as a glorified offensive tackle.  He's going to get the ball into his hands early and often.


Manti Te'o

Manti Te'o (UCLA Recruit)

While its probably running third, at best, in the Manti Te'o Sweepstakes, UCLA is still glad to see themselves in the mix for the top linebacker in the country.

One of the things the Scout.com staff talked about during the week was how if you could design a linebacker, Te'o would be how you'd design it.  He just looks like what a linebacker is supposed to look like.  From the first day, when they went in full pads, his ability to move sideline to sideline and play in space was something that stood out.  He's physical, not hesitant to hit (which doesn't always happen in all-star games), and is really athletic.

While he's not as big as Rey Maulauga, he's got a lot of the same physical attributes in their style of play.  He solidified his standing as the nation's premier linebacker this week.


Xavier Sua-Filo

Xavier Sua-Filo (UCLA Recruit)

Sua-Filo is another target that UCLA is hopeful for but could be on the outside looking in when it comes to landing him.  He'll visit next weekend, after already having visited LSU and USC, and a trip to BYU is set for this weekend.

When it comes to his play, Sua-Filo was probably the most versatile lineman we saw on Team White during the week, seeing snaps at tackle and guard and doing well at both.  He played right tackle during the week and started there in the game, and probably is best suited for the right side of the ball.  He's at his best in pass pro.  He's got really good footwork and technique and with his size and strength, looks like the kind of lineman who can come in and play right away.

Sua-Filo played tight end early in his career so he's got the athleticism for the position and as he continues to add good weight and muscle, looks like he'll be a very good college lineman.

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