RB Williams Reacts to Hiring

The highly-recruited running back from Bellflower St. John Bosco, <b>Derrick Williams</b>, had heard about the hiring of Karl Dorrell as UCLA's head coach Wednesday night and gave us his early impression...

Derrick Williams, 6-0, 200, Bellflower (Calif.) St. John Bosco, was the one recruit we spoke with last night that had actually heard the news of Karl Dorrell's hiring.


"From what I've heard about him, I think it's a good decision," Williams said. "A lot of people I know think he's a pretty good coach."


Williams, so far, has officially visited one school, and that was Cal back in November. He said of the visit: "It was pretty good.  I had a good time."  Williams also has plans to visit Arizona January 10th and Washington January 17th.  He hasn't arranged a trip with either UCLA or another on his favorite list, Notre Dame. All of his favorites have offered but Notre Dame.


Williams said he doesn't currently have a favorite. "I really want to find the perfect school for me," he said. "And I'm really just looking right now to find that."


 UCLA had been his long-time favorite, but with the coaching change he said everything is pretty much even.  UCLA hiring Dorrell, though, Williams said, is intriguing.


"First, I'm happy they chose a coach with experience in the pros. I know that's where I want to get and that's where most recruits want to get, so everyone thinks that maybe a former pro coach can help you get there. I don't know if I'm good enough to get there, but you like having a coach with NFL experience to help you try."


When asked if it was significant that Dorrell was African-American, Williams responded: "Well, what's important the most is if he's a good coach and a good person.  So it really doesn't matter when it comes to that. But since he's UCLA's first Black head coach, that's a good thing. It shows what kind of person he is."


The fact that Coach Dorrell is an offensive coach also wasn't lost on Williams. "That's definitely a plus for me.  As a running back, you like to know that your coach is offensive-minded."


Williams, who rushed for 1,100 yards and 12 TDs this season as a tailback, and had 43 tackles and 2 interceptions on defense, admitted he was excited at the prospect of a new coach at UCLA.  "It's exciting to find out how I might fit in with their program now. I'll have to see how it works out with the rest of the staff. It's not really that important how much of the staff stays, even though I really liked UCLA's assistant coaches.  But I wouldn't make a decision about UCLA on whether an assistant coach stays. UCLA is a good school overall. I'd really like to talk to and get to know the new staff there as soon as possible."


Williams leaves open the possibility of taking an official visit to UCLA.  "If the situation presents itself, definitely," he said. "I'd really look forward to it, with the new staff.  Hopefully soon, I'll be able to find out about the coaches there and get all the details of the program there now."

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