Flournoy Talks About UCLA Visit

Van Nuys (Calif.) Birmingham receiver Devon Flournoy, a USC commit, talks about his UCLA trip, and even has a little more fun with the process...

Van Nuys (Calif.) Birmingham receiver Devon Flournoy has been a longtime commit to USC.

But this weekend, Flournoy visited UCLA officially, having visited Cal officially in December.

"It was fantastic, I had a real good time. I had Donovan Carter as my host but Milton (Knox) was with us everywhere we went. It was just like old times," said Flournoy.

Flournoy's visit made a big impact on him.

"It changed a lot for me. You have to see how you fit and of course it's a beautiful campus. I have my boys up there and I saw the surroundings, but now it's up to me. So I have to just think about it," said Flournoy.

This weekend, Flournoy will visit USC, then he'll spend the next couple weeks finalizing his decision.

"USC is this next weekend and won't make a decision until after the SC visit is done. I'll wait until Signing Day," said Flournoy.

On the visit to UCLA was another USC commit, Randall Carroll, a guy Flournoy has gotten to know.

"We both were on the UCLA trip together and we were talking about how we're SC commits, but let's really find the best school for us," said Flournoy. "And we're both good friends with Morrell Presley and he said we'd look real good at UCLA too. And of course, Milton and Donovan are all over me. They've been working on me ever since they got their scholarship."

At this point, Flournoy said he's still favoring USC, and that he still considers himself a soft commit to the Trojans.

"I'd say its 52% USC and 48% UCLA," said Flournoy. "I'm not really thinking about Cal much anymore."

For a minute, Flournoy seemed like he wanted to stay real close to home and in the Valley.

"Actually, I verbally committed to CSUN," said Flournoy. "Naw, I'm just playing. Just trying to have some fun because of how crazy recruiting can get."

So with the Matadors losing out on Flournoy (for track at least, since football has been gone from CSUN for almost a decade), the other two Los Angeles schools will wait it out.

"I'm ready to wrap it up," said Flournoy.

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