Hawai Prospects Still Looking

Two prospects from Kapolei, Hawaii, offensive lineman Stan Hasiak and linebacker Simione Vehikite, are committed to Cal and USC, but are still taking official visits to other schools and open to considering them...

Scout.com spoke Sunday with Kapolei (Hawai'i) Head Coach Darren Hernandez, who verified that he had talked with two of his top prospects, LB Simione Vehikite and OL Stan Hasiak, who were coming home from official visits to the University of Washington. To say the visits were a bit of a surprise to Hernandez would be accurate.
"He (Vehikite) wanted it to be on the down-low, and that's why I didn't really know," Hernandez said of the visits. "I had honestly thought that Stan and Simi were done (with the recruiting process), so I was busy setting up Cyril Ontai's visit set up to Navy (Ontai committed to the Midshipmen during his official visit) this past week. I didn't have a lot of contact with Simi and Stan during the week. This all happened right underneath my nose."

But once Hernandez found out, he kept in touch with the pair during their stay in Seattle. "He (Vehikite) told me that his phone didn't work up there; he couldn't receive calls," Hernandez said. "He could only call out. Stan called me during the trip because he and Simi got separated and he asked me how to get a hold of Simi because I tried to call him and his phone wasn't working."

While the visit was fairly covert, Hernandez still got a positive feeling from the two about their visits. "I think they had a good time," he said. "With Simi I think he felt bad. (New Washington Head Coach Steve) Sarkisian was the first one on him recruiting him for USC. When he left for Washington he continued to recruit him, so I think his family told him to visit as a courtesy because he was the first guy on him."

Speculation that Vehikite - a USC commit - switched his pledge to the Huskies is unfounded, according to Hernandez. "As of today, as I spoke to him, he didn't commit (to Washington)," he said. "He just went on the trip and he's still committed to USC as of right now. UCLA is still on him, they are trying to trip him next week. West Virginia has been calling. It's really been kind of no-holds-barred for him. They are going after him big-time. This week is going to be real hot and heavy."

Expect the same for Hasiak, who initially committed to UCLA, then changed his mind two weeks ago and decided on California. "Because Stan changed his mind and he went to Washington, now Arizona and Oregon have called me about Stan and want to get a trip for the last week," Hernandez said. "He's been to UCLA, Cal, Washington and Michigan."

Hernandez explained how the Wolverines got into the picture. "He went the second week of January. After the Under-Armour All-Star game, school hadn't started yet so he went to visit family in Canada. On the way back, his father set up a trip to Ann Arbor and he got shown around. He really liked it too. He also got an official offer letter."

With so many choices for both players, Hernandez thinks there's still a lot that could go on from now until Signing Day. "If they say no, they feel bad," he said. "There are a lot of promises being thrown at them, and the kids from the islands...they are very respectful. If they are boxed into a corner and asked if they are going to come (and commit), they may say yes just to appease you and get you off their back, when in reality that might not be the case.

"In that way the Hawaiian kids are harder to read."

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