Anthony Stover versus Angelo Chol

The 6-9 senior center from Los Angeles Windward, Anthony Stover, who is committed to UCLA, went up against the 6-7 sophomore post, Angelo Chol, from San Diego Hoover, who is going to be a major UCLA target, Saturday night. Both put on a display that showed how much each has improved and their tremendous potential...

With all three UCLA assistant coaches in attendance, Anthony Stover and Angelo Chol matched up for a head-to-head battle this past Saturday at Fairfax High. Stover, a 6-9 senior center from Los Angeles (Calif.) Windward, has already signed with the Bruins as part of the 2009 class. Chol, a 6-7 sophomore center/power forward from San Diego (Calif.) Hoover, is one of the elite prospects in the West Coast class of 2011 and a top target for UCLA. Both players showed significant potential as Windward ended up winning the game.

Stover's development in the past year has been impressive. He's always been a good shot-blocker and passer, but now he's starting to show the beginnings of a low-post game. He's an underrated athlete, with good feet, and it's just a matter of time before he becomes a solid back-to-the-basket scorer. He's still growing into his body, though, and he lacks lower body strength. Once he gets a stronger base, and learns to slow down a bit, he will be an offensive weapon. He's got deceptive quickness for a center and that should be an asset as well. A year ago, I might've questioned Stover's ability to play right away at UCLA (and I was his biggest proponent). But given his progress in the past twelve months, I'm more inclined to believe it's possible he'll be ready to play some minutes early. It's by no means a certainty – and he might be better served redshirting – but it's within the realm of possibility that he's ready to contribute as a frosh.

This game was as good as I've seen Stover. He was extremely active at both ends, challenging every shot inside and doing a good job of rebounding. At the defensive end, his ability to block shots will sometimes leave him out of position for a rebound. He does like to challenge everything and he'll need to be a bit more selective in that regard when he gets to college. Once he figures that out, though, he should be an above average shot-blocker and rebounder. And I've heard a rumor that Coach Howland likes guys who can defend and rebound.

Chol has also made impressive progress in the last year. As a measuring stick, he's way ahead of Stover at the same age. He's much farther along in terms of his offensive skills and rebounding. He might be 6-7+ and he appears to have grown in the last year. Originally from the Sudan, Chol came to the U.S. a few years ago and he was pretty raw. But Hoover head coach Ollie Goulston has done a very good job with him and it's pretty clear that Chol will be one of the elite players in the class of 2011.

Chol is left-handed and he's already developed a pretty nice jump hook. With his length, he plays bigger than his size and that jump hook could be a devastating weapon in a couple years. He's also showing a decent face-up shot out to about 15 feet. He moves extremely well for his size and it's possible he'll be able to defend the four or the five in college. That potential defensive versatility would be a significant asset if he were to end up playing for UCLA.

Chol got in foul trouble in the game and ended up eventually fouling out. But even though he struggled at times trying to score over Stover, Chol showed why he's such a highly regarded prospect. His feel for the game, his length and athleticism, as well as his skill level, are all well above average. Assuming he continues to develop, look for UCLA to be a major player in his recruitment.

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