Reeves Nelson in Car Accident

UCLA's committed senior basketball player, Reeves Nelson of Modesto Christian, was in a car accident in which alcohol was involved, and has been suspended from his high school. His father talked about the incident...

Brian Nelson, the father of Reeves Nelson, released this statement:

"As Reeves Nelson's dad let me clear up, as best I can, what happened to my son recently. Last Friday night, Reeves was involved in a single vehicle accident in which he was a passenger in a vehicle that rolled over onto its hood. Fortunately, no one was hurt in this accident. Unfortunately, alcohol was involved, and Reeves has admitted to having a couple of beers that night (though, once again, he was not driving). By school rules, Reeves was automatically suspended from Modesto Christian for 5 days (due to the alcohol being involved; not because of the accident, itself), and there is a mandatory expulsion meeting scheduled for Thursday. As I understand, expulsion is not a likely outcome due to the fact that this is an isolated incident (and, so long as Reeves demonstrates the proper amount of remorse for his actions). Reeves went to the school office first thing Monday morning and admitted his mistake, and for that I am very proud of him. While the staff at U.C.L.A. is not happy about this circumstance, and assuming that nothing like this will happen again, Reeves basketball scholarship is not in jeopardy."

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