Hasiak Talks After Signing

Scout.com talked to elite OL Stan Hasiak after signing his letter of intent February 4th at the PIAA NLI Signing Day Party in Honolulu. Hasiak signed with the UCLA Bruins in a rocky recruitment that saw him commit to the Bruins, flip to California, and then end up back to UCLA...

Kapolei (Hawaii) offensive tackle Stan Hasiak (6-6, 340) had a whirlwind last few weeks.

Hasiak committed to UCLA in October, then made a much-publicized switch to Cal in January.

But when Signing Day rolled around, it was an NLI for UCLA that Hasiak put his signature to.

"I took the time to just think about when I was making my decision, and where I'm going to end up if I choose this place or that place," said Hasiak. "Ultimately, I felt that UCLA was the best place for me to end up. For my own choice, just for me, UCLA was the best."

Hasiak was torn in the final days leading up to Signing Day, going back and forth between the Bears and Bruins.

"The reason why I had chosen to commit to Cal, I'll admit, I did like Cal," said Hasiak. "I did like the coaches and the opportunity there with Jahvid Best, and their offensive line, my whole family liked them, that's kind of what pushed me to like them. But I don't know, in the end, I just felt like UCLA was for me. For me to make the decision and call up the coaches, and let my dad know what I was going to do, it was tough, but I'm the one who has to go through this. My decision was my decision."

A future teammate also let Hasiak know that he'd be joining him in Los Angeles.

"Xavier (Su'a-Filo), he actually called me up at 5 a.m. my time in the morning to let me know that he was going to be a Bruin with me," said Hasiak. "I had called him as well when I finally decided, and he was like "for real"? I was excited when he told me. I was very happy, he is one of my close friends, despite that we live so far away. I would say he's a very good friend."

Hasiak said the UCLA coaches were diligent in their approach in pursuing Hasiak following his decommitment. But one coach in particular made the connection with him.

"I would say, not to take from any other coach, because I thought that each coach had a pull in it, but if I had to pick one, it would be Coach (Norm) Chow," said Hasiak. "I just believe in him as a coach, and if you have the right guy, I believe in my heart, that will help turn UCLA around. He's a proven man, he can do something special with the program."

Hasiak said in the days before Signing Day, he was planning to sign with Cal, but that the feeling for UCLA wouldn't go away.

"It was actually a few days before Signing Day, I kept going back and forth in my head, should I do it, should I stick with Cal or should I sign with UCLA," said Hasiak. "That's when I went into that mode, where I started thinking about my decisioin, why I'd make it, who I was making it for."

Finally, come Signing Day, he had come full circle.

"It felt like something big was lifted off my chest," said Hasiak. "I'm so relaxed now, there is no pressure from anyone, no more calls. I'm enjoying it a lot. I just can't wait to get into it with UCLA, trying to get into their program, see how they do it. I want to jump right in and make that impression."

Hasiak said most of the credit had to be given to the coaches in wooing him back to Westwood but a couple of recruits also did their part.

"Really it was just the coaches, while I was there, I got a good feel for them. I got to know Micah Kia and Kai Maiava," said Hasiak. "But Richard Brehaut, he was one I got to know a lot more during the UnderArmour game. He's a really cool guy, real funny. He'd text me all the time, saying what's up. Even after I switched, he was still texting me. He was really cool about it but when he found out I was going to UCLA, he was like ‘ah man thanks bro, you make me really happy, since you'll be protecting me."

Hasiak is also looking forward to playing with Su'a-Filo, who he lined up next to at the UnderArmour All-American Game and got to know during the summer.

"Oh yeah, I'm definitely looking forward to playing with him," said Hasiak. "We talked about it at the SC camp, over the phone, texting and stuff, about playing together. Now that we have the chance to play together, either next to him, or opposite, on the O-line, it's going to be awesome."

Hasiak said that he's coming into UCLA as a tackle and the coaches want him there, but there is a chance he could move inside down the road.



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