Update on Coaching Staff

Three candidates have emerged for the open defensive backs coaching position. One of them, former UCLA and Dallas Cowboys great, James Washington, presents an interesting dilemma. There also could be another hire on the staff...

Sources are indicating that three candidates have interviewed or will interview for the vacant defensive backs coaching position.

That's not to say that more might also interview.

But as of now, the three candidates are Paul Williams, the defensive backs coach at Temple; Tim Hundley, a former UCLA assistant who is currently an assistant at SMU; and former UCLA great James Washington, who currently does TV commentary for Fox Sports.

Williams' connection is to UCLA defensive coordinator Chuck Bullough; both were on the staff at Western Michigan together. Williams was on campus Tuesday for his interview.

Hundley has a long connection with Neuheisel, coaching under him at Washington.

Probably the most interesting aspect of the search is the possibility of Washington. The general opinion is that it would be tough to hire Washington since he's had no experience coaching at this level when UCLA just hired another first-time coach for the defensive backfield in Carnell Lake.

Washington, though, brings some considerable positives, including some advantages in recruiting the inner city. Flashing two Super Bowl rings in the living room of a prospective recruit is a pretty powerful recruiting tool.

We're also hearing that there could potentially be more movement on the staff. There is a real possibility that special teams coach Frank Gansz, Jr., might take a job with an NFL team. We've learned that he has interviewed with the Dallas Cowboys, and there is a plan for him to interview with the Kansas City Chiefs.

If Gansz did leave, an option for Rick Neuheisel would be to move the director of on-campus recruiting, Angus McClure, back to tight ends coach, the position he had when he came to UCLA in 2007.

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