UCLA Changes Things for QB

Joe Boisture, the 6-6, 200-pound quarterback from Saline (Mich.) High, was secure in his recruitment, with a number of east coast and midwest programs on him -- until UCLA got involved. After a trip to Westwood last weekend, it's a whole new ballgame...

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Joe Boisture did not expect to become a national recruit and he did not expect to have a long recruiting process. As schools have become aware of him, however, interest from around the country is picking up and he is adding new schools to the mix.

"I just got back from California. I was out at UCLA. I spent three days there. California was really nice. It was the first time I was on the West Coast. It's usually really cold around here, but it is in the fifties today, but it is still not as nice as out there. The UCLA campus is amazing. It is amazing. It is something special out there."

UCLA is a new suitor and their interest has thrown a bit of a kink in his plans for selecting a school. Prior to his trip to Cincinnati, Joe expected to take some time and decide on a school from his top three of Pittsburgh, Cincinnati and BC.

"I thought I knew where I was going before UCLA called. I just got back from visiting BC, Cincinnati and Pittsburgh and I was about to sit down and make a decision. Then they (UCLA) called and I talked to coach Chow and I decided to go out there. "

A lot of people are telling Joe to wait and see who else is interested. Of course, some think this is a good way to climb in the recruiting rankings. That's not a part of his thinking at this point.

"I was all set to make a decision and UCLA jumped in. More schools may be interested. I was behind the pack because I did not play my sophomore year. Hopefully I'm done making trips. I'm tired of traveling. I've been on the road for like five weeks straight. I'd like to just get the process over with."

Regarding his trip to Cincinnati he said, "I really enjoyed Cincinnati. Coach Kelly is a great guy, an all around great guy. The facilities are top notch. Their campus is really student oriented. Everything is really close. They are definitely in the top three. "

Being from Michigan, it would make sense that the local schools would have the strongest interest. So far, that has not been the case.

"Michigan State has been to my school. Well, I recently transferred so they were at my old school about five times. They came to some of my games. They haven't offered and I have not talked to them in a while. So, I don't know what's going on with them. Michigan, I don't expect to hear from them because of the offense they run. I did get an offer from Central Michigan."

The other potential factor in his decision is distance.

"With Boston and UCLA, both are far away, but UCLA is close to LAX. So, that's good.. The thing is, once you get on a plane it is all day no matter where you go. Whether it is two hours or four hours on the plane does not matter. With Cincinnati and Pittsburgh, I'd definitely get to see my family more. But, with football and school there's not much time left. Of course I'd be homesick, but I'd get over it pretty fast. But, football players don't get much off so it is not going to matter much anyway."

As of now, the plan is to take a break from the road and begin to sort through his options. While things could change, Joe expects to make a decision within the next month from amongst the four schools he has visited.

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